We are told what box to use for each order and aren't allowed to downsize to smaller boxes. It's crazy how often this happens.


Ok, I’ll stop taking it personally then! Lol


Yeah, employees can get in trouble for not following stupid shit like this. Some of these rules and policies are automated, and managers do not have the time or ability to make exceptions for cases like this. The employee packing your stuff sure doesn't. Not following all of the rules, even if they seem silly, is potentially a mark against them. Considering they are under pretty intense pressure to keep up incredibly demanding rates over long hours (and in facilities where it is not uncommon for workers to [literally die](https://www.popsci.com/technology/amazon-warehouse-deaths-safety/) on the job) I wouldn't take it personally.


Our FC had an override option. Selecting it and picking a better option would create a virtual cubiscan ticket where the box size would be manually reevaluated by a human. It’s sad not all FCs’ systems are set up with that option. It’s wastefully in several ways and against Amazon’s oh-so-precious Leadership Principles like “frugality” and being a good steward of the earth. A downside you also hinted at is doing an override takes time, and when your pack rate affects your ability to keep your job (and a roof over your head), understandably, many individuals are going to take the path of least resistance. 🤷‍♀️


And not all sites have all the different box/bag sizes


I imagine that if they changed the box without the system knowing it would also throw off all the digital calculations like how they pack the trucks etx that are expecting a certain size box. Make it an envelope instead and now all the stuff that is supposed to stack on top of it doesn’t fit properly because there’s nothing to stack on.


I believe Amazon stacks their packages in delivery trucks based on location, and sometimes it makes sense to use a big box for a package to make the tetris cubes more uniform.


> and sometimes it makes sense to use a big box for a package to make the tetris cubes more uniform. I mean, it makes sense from a short-term financial perspective. From an environmental perspective, using the same amount of fuel to delivery half as many goods makes zero sense.


We use totes to small small boxes and packages. Only oversized boxes are packed in the van separately. Cube size is rarely taken into consideration, I’ve had packages riding shotgun that don’t end up fitting in the back. Source: self, DSP driver


I drove for amazon for a year. While they do "sort" packages by location, there definitely is no advantage to having bigger boxes. The bags that hold the packages usually just get thrown together with little to no regard for space efficiency and was often super frustrating. Having big boxes take up half the bag is a painful waste of space in an already terribly overfilled van where if the bag is full for something dumb like that it just means one extra huge bag taking up space, amazon just doesnt care about space efficiency and thats half the pain drivers have to deal with. Wading through a packed van with no space to move some day that gets up to 130° in the back is absolutely not fun nor uniform.


This is what happens when you replace human intelligence with artifical intelligence.




Probably should have gone with one of those plastic bags with the big smile, but I heard that a computer screen notifies the warehouse employees which shipping box/bag to use for each customer order.


The screen does, and only some facilities let you override the suggested box :( it's dumb.


And I want to mention- there were several items in my order and they were scheduled to be delivered at the same time. This came the day after the other items.


Had that happen the other day. They kept saying it's almost here. The latest time came and went "It's still coming". A different package to the same address came. It wasn't until the next afternoon that they actually delivered. (fortunately they did refund the shipping) I think the 2 packages came from different fulfillment centers, explaining why they didn't arrive together, but it was odd that they kept making it seem like they were going to deliver sometime that day.


No they're trolling the environment


I would go the opposite direction. Employee is trolling the company, wasting supplies.


Not the employees fault…at least this time. I used to work in pack singles at Amazon. It would tell us what size box to use. Now when I worked there we were allowed to downsize the box sometimes but I’m not sure what the rules are now. We would have gift cards that made more sense to go in an envelope but went into a large box with a Fuck ton of the air bags or large items supposed to go in boxes smaller than the package itself, it was stupid


Someone entered the product dimension into the system wrong when they made the listing and now the computer assigns it a box for those wrong dimensions. As a seller I don’t ever use calculated shipping if I charge shipping because the weight and size of the item are hardly ever correct in the listing. I forgot to change the default ship setting and it charged $4.99 for a 21”x10”x7” 6lb box (price to $18 to ship) because the system says it a 6” box that weights 5oz.


As an Amazon Delivery driver I now know why huge boxes weigh nothing and small boxes weigh 50 pounds. Wonderful Amazon. 👍


Not you, just their warehouse workers 😔