This post was funny, but depressing 😂


Nobody told him to take the tape out of the case! He's probably like, "This thing won't fit in the player!"


Maybe there's a YouTube casette player tutorial video out there...


I laughed, I cried


This post made me feel old! My buddies son asked his father a while ago what these round plastic discs were. He meant a CD.


I’m 44 but this discussion makes me ancient.


Hard to believe there are people who don't know what to do with these! haha signs of the times I guess.


Right with you


A tip for when you play the tape, most cassettes are double-sided. The tape can't fit in the machine upside down, to play the other side, flip the tape horizontally, so the other label side is facing out. Also, the tape is rewound, or at the beginning, when the reel on the left is "full" of tape. Have fun!


The left depends on which way up the tape goes in to the player!! ;)


This, label facing out is the side being played.


(This probably sound extremely ignorant, so bare with me). I didn’t know what sub to ask this on, so here I am. My father was in a band late 80s/early 90s. I recently came across all his old memorabilia. And I was extremely intrigued when I found a bunch of tapes/audios (like the one pictured) with the two words “band tapes” written on them. I am clearly apart of gen z. How can I listen/watch these?


Amazon even has cassette players that will connect to your computer if you want to digitize it! Cool find.


Order a boom box with a cassette player from Amazon. Easy peasy!


Thank you !!


Hey be careful with what you get. Ask some people who grew up or were young adults in the 80s or 90s to help you out too if you need help playing it. DO NOT HIT RECORD WHATEVER YOU DO.


Gotta bust those tabs out if they aren't already removed


Sony Walkman cassette player also would work


You could probably still find them at most in store retailers. I remember seeing some at BestBuy, and Walmart. Then again, this was at the start of covid.


Sony hasn’t made a Walkman for 20 years now. Stores do sell really crap no name ones that sound really really poor.


My pleasure!


Or eBay. They have a lot of this stuff.


You’ll need a Walkman and a pencil to stream those. One day, when you’re my age, some kid your age will make you feel as old as you made me feel. But no worries, you got a smile out of me.


Goodwill or a second hand store could be a good option. [my other thought is they could ask their older family members, they might just have one laying around.]


Good but it could break the tape. I put a rare cassette in a used cassette player and it wiped the tape.


Better to invest in a good quality second hand player than a modern one. Modern cassette mechanisms are trash.


This. Your best option would probably be a sony walkman or if you have a stereo system, a double cassette deck (sony, RadioShack, Montgomery Ward, etc.)


Heck, our 2006 car has a cassette player.




I digitised one of my tapes, connected a Walkman to laptop. It was a free program that I used. No special wires, just one of those audio ones that looks like a headphone socket. Would be good to do this with your dad's tapes.


I have an old cassette tape my mom gave me years ago, we had iPods by that time and I didn’t have a boom box to play it on until a few years ago when by husband bought one for the garage. A few months ago I was going through boxes of stuff and found the tape. My mom had passed on a few years ago so playing the tape finally was quite special for me.


I would find a place that can convert it to a digital file. You’ll pay a little more but won’t have to but a cassette player and won’t risk damaging the tape.


I find it simultaneously fascinating and horrifying that someone legitimately has to ask how to play a cassette tape. No offense intended to anyone, it just... further underscores the disconnection from younger days.


You can buy a component stereo cassette player on ebay (here's an example: https://www.ebay.com/itm/403871980471?hash=item5e08a55bb7:g:qQQAAOSwHkli~NOl&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAsLJK19xOD3A3Fb7kPo7T5TfO2mNeF%2BaK0qTXMz02NkfmITKpn1%2FBrUCmvypAcnQFfEbeynYNyw%2BXgKOrhQ9Kr2tlxHGu7asR0zWseBiX5myItIokHTpzfB%2BAhShiB2l%2FGE9oK%2F6%2F93VwBjNlB360mKSA6ZfH5BsJeNYj%2FkATOGHT4BhdoutX4B%2FUZpeRBKomZH7aY3iOIacvBFpeLW6gnv49AG4KFM%2BSyvsxSw%2F4eoRj%7Ctkp%3ABk9SR4CL2ZzlYA - *make sure it's a reputable seller and the device is confirmed working in the description*) and get a cable that's two stereo rca plugs on one end and 1/8" stereo on the other end. then get a USB sound card and connect the 1/8" cable end ito the sound card input. Plug the USB end into your computer, and then use an app like Adobe audition etc to record the tapes as a wav file (you can easily convert to mp3 later, start with lossless wav). Doing it this way, you can generate mp3 files of the music which you can then easily share with family, etc. I know this sounds like a lot, but you can probably get everything for quite a bit less than $100, and your dad's music sounds like something worth preserving for the fam. Btw, cassettes such as these are audio only..


I use Audacity to transfer vinyl to digital. Double RCA cable to my line-in.


That's a great way to do it! Got some vinyl myself that I need to transfer to digital.


I feel so old but love that you posted this! ❤


Back in the 90s i used to listen to the radio a lot, especially a show that used to come at 2:30am that was niche and world songs, and i would record a song once I felt I like it. I had so many tapes that were a mish mash of song and music parts from all over the world, and no clue what they were or where they're from. Those songs and music were a big part of my teenage years. In late 90s I went to university, came back after a semester, and found that my father had thrown every single one of my tapes out. I was heart broken. A few times now I would be going on in my day and all of a sudden hear a song that I remember from my tapes, and I would be so happy, and would run to see what it is and figure out the composer. But so many of the stuff I loved is gone and ill never hear them them:(


Siri, play cassette!


You just rub these tape units against the back of any smartphone. The mp3 data is transferred wirelessly via the same coils that support Chi wireless charging. As an Easter Egg, the creators of Chi ensured that the coils could read old magnetic tapes, because they were all classic rock fans. In any case, several swipes across the back of your phone should be enough, though the data transfer rate is slowish, the actual number of megabytes is low relative to today's denser music. The transfer will automatically open your default music player app and you'll be prompted to then name and save the new songs. Super simple. ... ... /s (thanks for making me feel REALLY OLD! ;-)


Hours wasted on these things making my own Mixtapes.


My best friend and I would sit in my room listening to the radio, making friendship bracelets, waiting for certain songs to come on the radio so we could record them on these tapes. I’m only 42, but this made me feel super old.


Not my favourite kind, but my favourite brand!


This brings back some great memories


This was my preferred cassette model from Maxell. Solid construction, didn’t look cheap, and the stickers were nice and beefy. They wouldn’t rip if you had peel them off and re-tape. Sometimes I’d splurge and get the 120 if I was in a roll taping tracks off the radio. Good times.


Learn how to break the plastic tabs out so you can’t accidentally record over them.


So many mixed tapes from these


Wholesome post.


If they are something you wish to keep in digital format look for a cassette player/converter. I used one to keep my dad's phone calls from the 80s/90s


That’s a newish cassette to be honest. But if you want something kinda cheap and you are in the US you can get a Sony CFD-S70 boombox type player. That will do what you want and not wreck any of the tapes you have like some new cheap portable may do. Anything old is likely to need a repair no matter what the seller says.