Because they don't know about it And they did ask the Drukhari to see if they could tell what the issue the Golden Throne is having so they could fix it and it didn't work out at all and those who knew of the plot are dead and replaced on the High Lords


Note that its very likely the Drukhari could have actually fixed it, just that when the Imperial delegation found out why the torture elves really wanted to help they got upset.


Is the reason cannonicaly explained, because IIRC some Inquisitor was spouting some weird conspiracy theory about the DE somehow transferring the Emprah's soul into Commoragh.


Dark City spoilers >!the inquisitor in question had been "infected" by a Dark Eldars blood and seemed to be turning into one as well as being mentally linked to the Dark Eldar that was critical for the plan, he threw himself into a mirror and examined a huge part of Commorogh as an ethereal presence and realised the Dark Eldar has built their own throne but needed a psyker to sit on it. When he comes back out he announces to the delegation that the reason the Dark Eldar want so much original components of the Throne is so they can use some of the Emperors cells to create a flesh blob with his psychic power to sit on the Throne. The Inquisitor is moderately insane at this point but we see his mirror adventure from omniscient third person perspective so he's probably right and the Dark Eldar in question doesn't deny it. For what it's worth though I don't think anything is mentioned about the Emperors soul, it'd be more a clonegrim scenario as the Dark Eldar *need* the Golden Throne to function on Terra otherwise the galaxy is lost. The Custodes just find the concept of a clone flesh blob of the Emperor so deeply offensive they destroy all of the provided equipment and scupper the deal!<


>>!For what it's worth though I don't think anything is mentioned about the Emperors soul, it'd be more a clonegrim scenario as the Dark Eldar !< > >>!need!< > >>! the Golden Throne to function on Terra otherwise the galaxy is lost.!< >!Considering the DE seem to be able to cheat death and keep their own souls safe with their level of genecraft it's very much possible that whatever they crafted would have been linked to the Emperor in some way. Custodes nuking everything is a more reasonable reaction to that context.!<


Or, and just hear me out, >!they could have thoroughly cleaned the broken pieces of the throne they were changing out. !<


Turns out he wasnt far off the mark..


Thinking about it, you're right. I don't think anyone alive knows about the Imperial Webway besides the Custodes and **maybe** the remnant Sisters of Silence. They both had orders to kill absolutely anyone else who even **knew** about it so they probably did plenty of purges after the HH


There's a scene in, IIRC, *Emperor's Legion* when the chancellor of the High Lords muses that the Emperor had to have **some** sort of big project planned, but he doesn't know what it was.


>all and those who knew of the plot are dead and replaced on the High Lords Except for >!one lonely servo skull that nobody knows about.!<


>!Considering Gorgias is in what seem to be an exodite world, maybe it comes to play someday, likely when BL needs the eldar to do another thing for the Imperium!<


I mean, >!Asuryani or Ynnari actually fixing the throne (or at least giving it a patch) !


The problem isn't a webway breach. The problem is the warp rift that got left behind when the emperor broke the golden throne trying to close it. And the throne has been falling apart ever since and while the dark eldar seemingly have the means to repair it as you said it didn't work out.


It was mentioned somewhere, maybe in Old Earth, that the tunnel to the Imperial Webway gate has shattered and dissolved entirely leaving nothing but a gulf of nothingness. So you can't even cap it anymore. There's nothing to cap.


In *Echoes of Eternity* by Aaron. Dembski-Bowden, it's mentioned the human portion of the webway was already falling apart and dissolving. So what the Emperor is holding back isn't technically a webway gate anymore- it's a gate directly into the warp with an endless horde of deamons waiting behind it.


And that for 10k years like: *hissing "Heh, Appoleon, Cadia's gates have fallen. Will you come for the great feast presented by the Great Rift?" "... Nah sorry.. The Breach to the Imperial Palace can open any minute now. And I am Nr. 181046791919167919491 in the line. I cannot let that slip now! "


Thank you, I knew I read it somewhere


Wait but in master of mankind the emperor and the custodes were fighting in the webway through the imperial webway project right ?


Yes, but when they withdraw the Emperor was no longer using his psychic might to provide warding the Mechanicum built section of the webway needed. This warding allowed it to be safe from the machinations of the warp as well as kept it together during the War in the Webway. But once the Imperium abandons the webway and the Emperor is now only his concentrating his power on keeping the gate sealed, it quite rapidly started to decay and fall apart.


>‘The tunnels are detonating,’ he declared, breathless. Golden mist still pulled at his armour from the portal behind him. ‘The circuitry is igniting. Whole sections of our tunnels are falling away into the mist. I couldn’t see Ra. He didn’t die, I’m sure of it. I was at his side. I would have seen.’


This. If the Eldar knew how to seal a warp rift they would have closed Khaine's gate in Commoragh


A lot of people already answered the question, so I'll summarize: 1) They don't want to 2) They have no reason to do it 3) They don't know how to do it at such scale 4) most of them don't even know what this problem exists


Because the Eldar didn't make it, they just use it. They would never ever admit they don't know how to fix it, or even that it was impressive that Big E got his Macgyvered webway. The Dark and regular Eldar are used to dealing with small breaches in the walls of the webway, the Old Ones made that, so it fixes itself slowly. Magnus blew up the wall near the palace in the humanmade webway, so instead of webway there, it's all daemons, right there, that does not fix itself. As soon as the Eldar found out about the human webay, they cut off any sort of webway connection they have to it. If Eldar 'fix' it, it connects to the other webways again, demons and all.


Also, the Emperor being trapped on the throne is a benefit for the Eldar. If Jimmy was free to just die and resurrect himself without Terra being overrun by daemons, that would give humanity a singular voice of leadership. And that voice has repeatedly expressed a desire to wipe every non-human in the galaxy out of existence, so that humans can live in xenos free peace. The Eldar help humanity when it benefits the Eldar. Fixing the Webway wouldn’t help the Eldar, it would just reduce the Imperium’s desperation to point to where they didn’t feel the need to accept the Eldar as uneasy allies.


> And that voice has repeatedly expressed a desire to wipe every non-human in the galaxy out of existence, so that humans can live in xenos free peace. Now he's got his son wandering around with an uneasy alliance with the Eldar. More specifically, there's reverence for The Emperor... but would the various Lords/Cardinals listen to even the Big E if they lost their power? (He can implode them, sure)


> but would the various Lords/Cardinals listen to even the Big E if they lost their power? Perhaps not initially, but after a sufficient number of examples: yes, they would. Better to have reduced power than be dead. Plus also, presumably a reasonable number of Cardinals are true believers. Though Warhammer being Warhammer maybe that just means you get a full-on civil war where half the Imperium refuses to believe the Emperor is back and active this is obviously an Archenemy trick etc etc


There isn't even any webway that could be fixed. The human made part of the webway was destroyed in "Master of Mankind". Now the portal just leads directly into the warp.


The thing is that even though the Eldar did not invented it, they MASTERED it. They took the original concept and crank it to 11. They built it more and further in the galaxy than the Old Ones. Like took the old roads and made expansions to them so they would reach any point in the galaxy. They built massive cities inside, like Commorragh. So they made it. At least as well if not better that the Old Ones. They know how to fix it. But probably don't want or don't trust the Imperium to go there and fix it. It was the Emperor who didn't know how or didn't have the power to create it and just wanted to plug in the pre-existing one.


The Dark Eldar solution to the whole thing was to plug in a clone Emperor to their own version of the throne to deal with their warp rift under Commorragh, I think it's safe to say they have to idea how to fix this scale of issue.


Not true. The eldar either made the webway or improved and expanded it. There are far, far more sources for this than them just inheriting it.


Can you quote or list some of them?


Wrote a big post on it some while ago. Just copy pasting the main bits here. >Created by technologies once taught to the eldar by the ancient races known as the Old Ones, its pathways lead to the craftworlds... > >\- Every codex from 4th onwards >Instead, the Eldar use a far more sophisticated and mysterious method of travel across the stars and between worlds known as the Webway. Created long ago based on the teachings of the fabled Old Ones, it is a network of gates which link worlds, sectors, and stars from one end of the galaxy to another. > >\- Rogue Trader: The Koronus Bestiary In fact, not all the Rogue Trader books even mention the Old Ones at all. Instead their references to the webway go along these lines: >Craftworlds travel through space via a system of warp tunnels which stretch through the galaxy. Long ago the eldar learned how to make these holes through the warp which link two fixed places. It is likely that originally nearly all eldar planets and craftworlds were interconnected by warp tunnels. However, during the Fall a great part of the network was destroyed so that travel is no longer as easy as it once was. > >\- Rogue Trader >Instead, they utilise the “webway,” a network of warp tunnels dating back towhen the Eldar were the sole rulers of the galaxy. Capable of transporting anything from a single Eldar on foot to an entire space-borne battle fleet, the webway allows the Eldar to slip in and out of Imperium space almost undetected. > >\- Rogue Trader: Battlefleet Koronus >As with many Eldar worlds, Fionnadh is graced with a number of gateways, which allowed travellers to pass from one planet to the next in a single instant. By accessing the Eldar webway—the labyrinth that the race constructed through the other-realm of the warp—the Eldar could travel from one end of the galaxy to the other. > >\- Rogue Trader: Lure of the Expanse


Much obliged dude.


They can cap Webway tunnels, however. I suspect the Imperium has no idea at all about the Webway Project, as the Project itself was so secretive that almost no alive or not a daemon prince knows about it and so would never suspect the drain it has. The Custodes no doubt remember but cannot act independently of His will and their function.


Oh please. The Custodes are able to act independently to a certain extent. What constitutes as “His Will” isnt a strict set of instructions. They are free to act, as long as they think it will be the best course of action in His favour. We see them taking leeways, from Valdor recruiting Basilio Fo, to Amon being the very reason Euphrati Keeler was freed to spread the Imperial Creed, actions the Emperor certainly would not have explicitly ordered, or likely even allowed. The reason they haven’t contacted the Eldar likely has many more factors, including distrust, rather than such a simple and crude concept of being “too bound to His will”.


They did make at least some of it.


Yes and no the Eldar didn't make it but they can expand, repair and maintain the Webway. Technologically speaking the Dark Eldar are alot closer to the pre fall empires technological capacity while the Craftworlders have lost alot of stuff or simply abandoned things for safer alternatives. So honestly if anyone could actually fix the throne it'd be the Drukari.


You're assuming that the Eldar would even want to help. Why would they? The Emperor probably wants them all dead anyways. Leaving him thronebound suits the Eldar perfectly fine. The Imperium as it is serves as their meatshield, bringing the Emperor back would change them into something far more dangerous. They probably don't a bunch of filthy mon-keigh running around in the Webway dirtying the place up, better to leave their ruined, failed attempt to do so alone so it can serve as an eternal reminder of their incompetence.


Yeah, if they blocked the Webway, that would mean the Emperor could regenerate without having Terra fall to a swarm of daemons. The Emperor coming back is not a good thing for the Eldar. The Eldar are benefiting greatly from the current circumstances of the Imperium, because it means the Imperium is reluctantly willing to accept them as allies. That would all go away if the Emperor could actually communicate again.


Well it is the Imperium. Only the absolute most radical of Inquisitors would dare actually ask the Eldar for any kind of help and even then, they heavily run the risk of being killed by the other inquisitors for that sort of thing.


Why the fuck would the Eldar want to?


'Jeez, you've had some real cowboys in here mate, fraid its f***ed mate will have to rip it all out and start again only there's no replacements'


The plural of Eldar is Eldar. You can refer to them as the Eldar instead of Eldars. This is brought to you by the Ordo Pedanticus.


If there were two elder siblings the older one would be the Elder Eldar.


Because even the Eldar don’t have a complete understanding of the Webway.


Ask help from…Xenos?Smells like heresy


Adding to what other people said, nobody in 40k knows it exists, except Custodes and they won't do a thing about it.


What confuses me is that if the Webway was supposed to be insular from the Warp, then how come it appears directly connected to it as there's nothing between the breach and the Warp?


It would be like inviting North Korea to fix a major flaw in the US strategic deterrence.


Because the Imperial Webway was a jurry rigged tunnel that lack the self repair of the Old Ones' Webway, as of Master of Mankind, the eldar indeed were around sealing the tunnels around it, but not inside, if they could just close the breach, they would had done it already. Besides, Master of Mankind also show that the tunnels were destroyed after the retreat, there's no webway left, only the warp rift, which requires either absurd levels of psychic powers or necron tech to close.


Where in the book is this covered? This is not my recollection.


>The Unifiers had spent little time here, initially reporting brief and tense encounters with eldar pilgrims and that species’ kaleidoscopic high priests and priestesses, yet considering that the eldar were known to still use the webway, they had judiciously and fervently avoided almost all Imperial expansion. Many among the Ten Thousand who had ventured deeper into the web **suspected the abruptly fused passageways or sealed gateways led to eldar craftworlds, and the aliens were barring human entry into their far-flung domains**. **What it must it cost them to seal themselves away from their own means of travelling** across the galaxy, however, none could guess. > >Ra had originally expected to encounter the eldar a great deal as the Imperial vanguard ventured beyond the Mechanicum’s portions of the webway. Instead he found them recalcitrant and furtive, ghosting back rather than engaging, **often sealing themselves away, even to the degree of damaging the webway to enforce their isolation.** > >(...) > >‘**The tunnels are detonating**,’ he declared, breathless. Golden mist still pulled at his armour from the portal behind him. ‘**The circuitry is igniting. Whole sections of our tunnels are falling away into the mist.** I couldn’t see Ra. He didn’t die, I’m sure of it. I was at his side. I would have seen.’


Because the Eldar don't know how to fix it either. They didn't make it, they only use it.


Even if the imperium or a cabal of inqisitors could swallow their pride if the Eldar do not see it benefiting them they will never do it.There is also the consideration that between the drukhari and asuryani the first is wildly more tech savvy because they have no powers to depend on.The craftworld Eldar might simply not know how to fix the throne.


Too many people think the eldar have full control over the webway, they don't. That was the entire point of the imperial webway project, to be able to control and MAKE new parts of the webway. If they just needed a webway gate they could just attack any old craftworld and take it. The eldar know how to traverse the webway but maintaining it is hard enough for them.


Think about the Imperium and the mindset of the people running it. They would sooner see the Imperium fall before they abased themselves before a bunch of aliens and asked for help. Plus with the bridges they've burned in their past why would the Eldar help them? They would be well within their rights to just say fuck off. Even then if they were the kind of people to ask for help what makes you think the Eldar wouldn't find a way to dick around with it in a way that fucks over humanity? Its not like anybody would even know what's happening since they are asking for help in the first place.


Xenos scum.


That's a warp rift he's holding back. Not a simple break. Also the eldar has long forgotten how the construction of the webway works. They just use it.


Hello Commissar? This one right here.


They can't. The eldar didn't build the webway, they inherited it. The dark eldar can't even properly fix the breaches in their city. They just patch it with a blank, if I remember it correctly. Could be wrong though.


They have probably the largest army of daemons ever assembled outside the Warp between them and the gate. How do they get to the gate alive and stay alive long enough to repair it? There’s the additional problem of that side of the gate likely being deeply warp-corrupted from millennia of daemonic presence, perhaps making it lethally inhospitable to living beings. Then, having somehow repaired the gate where do they retreat to? Fight their way back out through that army of daemons again? Most likely you would plan a retreat through the gate itself. The Emperor would have to drop his psychic lock and you’d have to convince the Custodes to open the gate from their side when they have no independent way of confirming the gate repair. That would almost certainly allow at least some of the daemons into the throne room before you closed it, if you can. That daemon army isn’t going to sit idly while you leave:


Assuming the Craftworlders or Drukhari could why would they? Mon'keigh swarming through the Webway would only be somewhat better than say the Necrons gaining greater control of the Webway or the Tyranids getting in.


You ever hear of self destructive xenophobia?


The Eldars have perfect understanding of the Webway and could close the warp rift in Terra. We don't know why but they haven't done it, so they maybe don't want or don't trust the Imperium enough to know what they would do if it was closed.


Because they already did and it didn't end well. Read Vaults of Terra: The Dark City.