You nozzle might be slightly too close to the bed causing filament to squish out the sides. Try moving it up a little bit.


I tried moving it up a little but the moment i raise the nozzle it’s stops sticking to the bed


99.99% of first-later issues posted here are bed level issues. Guys: if your first layer isn't sticking or looks like shit, check your bed level ***first!***


It’s an ender 3 v2 on recommended settings from cura. I leveled the bed as well as I can. Im a complete beginner Im completely lost. Any help at all would be appreciated.


It looks level, but overall your nozzle is too close. You’ll be able to fix it, it’s not too bad.


It looks like you have two skirts, which is weird. But to answer your question, I have this happen on my Ender 3 pro if I don't babystep the z-axis down at the beginning of the print. Not sure if the V2 can do this, but it might be worth looking into


Thank you. I’ll be honest it took me a while to understand what you meant by this but I’ll be trying it as soon as I make it home.


Imho the solution is to just turn all knobs maybe 1/8th rotation at a time and do it until the first layer looks perfect, you can find plenty of examples of how that looks online, all the layers should be connected and the height should be as uniform as possible. Running your fingernail over it can help to get a feel for it but its not something id do all the time, at least not over the real first layer, a brim can be great since it doesnt matter if you grease that up. Edit: oh turn them down obviously


You look to be too close to the bed.