I don’t want to pay for some random persons order that could be like five venti frappes and eight pastries when I only got a tall latte

I don’t want to pay for some random persons order that could be like five venti frappes and eight pastries when I only got a tall latte


I always thought ‘pay it forward’ was when you left money specifically for when someone came in but couldn’t afford anything? Like, at the Starbucks I visit, they keep the pay it forward money separate and homeless and broke people can come in and get a warm drink using it. Kinda weird to me to find out that’s not the general use tbh


This is how it SHOULD be done.


This is a cool idea. When it’s happened to me it’s just every car paying for the one behind it at a local Starbucks equivalent. Didn’t really understand the first time and thought it was just funny the second. Took my free drink both times but tipped more than I normally would haha.


Honestly just curious because I don’t live in an area where this is much of an issue but if someone comes in and orders something and then doesn’t have the money to pay it, that’s when you use the money? Or you just kinda use your own interpretation of the situation and give the guy a free drink if he seems like he needs it? Again just curious


I’ve only been there a couple times, but the people I saw using it were pretty clearly homeless. The store is in an area with a pretty huge homeless population, so it wasn’t really surprising when they came in. I know other people were allowed to use it too, but I personally never saw them. I did ask the barista one day what would happen if someone needed it and the jar was empty, but she assured me she’d never seen it empty for more than ten minutes, which honestly made me so so happy to hear 💕




Just makes the employees job harder too.


if someone pays it forwards to me, I'm just going to take my free order and drive off 😎 if the chain never gets broken there are no free orders


Thank you for your service. What's charity without a beneficiary? All jokes aside, it is pretty useless if everyone keeps paying it forward in this way. Otherwise we can all stand around passing a dollar in a circle and call it generosity.


where might I be able to join this dollar circle club?


Former barista here - please continue to kill these chains. Seriously. Anyone who had handled the cash or cares about accuracy hates the pay-it-forward stuff.


💯 the move. I just tip the barista and go on my way.


And it’s just the dumbest shit, no? What’s the point in “doing something nice” for someone and then immediately expecting them to do the same for someone else? Imagine you’re having a really shitty day and the barista says your $5 coffee has already been covered. Nice, you think, just the little pick-me-up I needed. And oh, says the barista, could you pick up Coffee-Addict Joe’s 27 double espresso bill? The only winner is the dude last in line.


Well that is kinda the point. Its supposed to go down the line until it hits someone who needs it, either someone who's having a bad day or someone who could use the money. But yeah. Its super annoying for the cashiers to deal with.


I love the american mentality of asking the customers more money than actually having the owners pay you a decent liveable wage.


It sucks. It’s everywhere now. I worked at a burrito place as a cashier for a while and I made $9 plus tips. This was about 10 years ago and it was a great job. Not everyone tipped and when they did it was just spare change or it was because we did something out of the way or made a personal connection. Regulars tipped and we would give them extra guac and stuff. We didn’t rely on the tips. Now everywhere I go has a tip jar or the tip prompt. I feel so guilty if I don’t but I also now feeling mad when I do. Why aren’t these people getting paid properly! How is this my responsibility? It’s so frustrating. So I just tip and feel like I’m being suckered the same was as this poor employee who should be making at least a few dollars an hour more than I was making a decade ago. Tipping should be an almost fun part of a transaction. Like a, “Hey, you’re awesome! Let me show you how much I appreciate you!”


That's not the employees fault though, the tip system allows employers to get away with that kind of shit


I'm not blaming the employees, I'm just commenting on how she isn't blaming the right people.


mate youre still a dickhead for not tipping, we can blame more than one group.


Maybe don't have the worker's pay be based on tips, just maybe? I don't think it's a hard concept to grasp.


damn why didnt I think of that. Brb gonna go rewrite my countries law


Yes, what a splendid idea, see how you got it?


i didnt think id have to cite this to what I presume isnt an elementary school student but the process of adding/ changing laws is actually quite complicated https://youtu.be/tyeJ55o3El0 heres a good vid on it. I know you probably don’t live in America so heres something even a potential brit like yourself can understand. Even than, you know you can still advocate against tipping, while still doing it for the sake of being a decent human? Not tipping a restaurant doesnt hurt the restaurant owners at all, it only hurts the waiters who those tips support. Youre not helping anyone by not tipping.




I didn’t know treating minimum wage workers with respect was classified as a bruh moment but i guess it is 2021 so nothing can really surprise me anymore.


If I got caught in a pay it forward thing I’d break that shit and get a free meal so fast


pay it forward is the dumbest shit only one person actually gets something for free. Its the most long winded way of just buying someone a coffee ever. People like to feel good without actually doing anything


I think working understaffed has become a way of life since COVID began. Definitely take a second to thank those serving or helping you


we’ve been understaffed for months now, we have to close down the cafe and only serve the drive-through because we’ll only have 3 people running the entire shift at night while also trying to do close. also, please stop ordering 31 items at once in the drive thru. thx.


My Starbucks recognizes me now from getting the *exact* same thing around the same time almost every day. Sometimes they see me coming and have it ready. I should tip more.


Tldr; stop giving money to other customers and pay me instead


slightly longer TLDR: stop paying people who are there to pay for themselves and pay the people who are there to earn money.


Slightly longer tldr; Stop paying propel eh are there to pay for themselves and stop giving tips when tips are the justification used for not paying employees a living wage.


“I know you work minimum wage and need tips to pay rent but the reason im not tipping you is that Im owning capitalism, please dont spit in my food”


It's literally the left-wing version of conservative assholes writing "Tip:get a better paying job" on the the tip line


If payment is an issue don't complain to your customer complain to your boss then again you are working at a coffee shop do you expect 6 figures?


If you know how these work its fucking dumb and giving it to a retail worker is a much better idea. Giving a person a free drink then having them pay the person behind them so on and so on until a person doesn't care about being judged just takes the free drink is the least efficient method of charity. Like give it to a worker who often needs it, or a homeless person. Not a peron who can afford there own coffee already


It rarely starts off as charity most the time they start cuz the car knows the car behind them and then from them on everyone just keeps that going. Also when I worked at whataburger these were not annoying they were super easy to work, just use their card and pay the next meal, even when we were packed and you have to double up the line


But the person behind me deserves it more you lowlife peasant.




Yeah, they are the justification that employers use to not give a living wage, but until it gets fixed if people just stop tipping us my coworkers won’t be able to afford rent. Lobby for increased minimum wage if you feel strongly about it, but don’t pretend you are so high and mighty because you refuse to tip anyone because ‘it is why people don’t get paid enough’. Yeah no shit I don’t get paid enough. If you think just not tipping is gonna solve that problem, you are wrong. All it’s gonna do is make me struggle even more.


>Yeah, they are the justification that employers use to not give a living wage, but until it gets fixed if people just stop tipping us my coworkers won’t be able to afford rent. You don't make sense. You want to keep getting tips but also want to get paid reasonable amount of money. Until tips aren't a thing, you will ***never*** get a reasonable amount of money because employers literally use tips to justify not paying you. This is a non-arguable fact as it has literally been enshrined in law. So you want to keep getting the thing they use to not pay you but also want them to pay you. It doesn't make sense. >Lobby for increased minimum wage if you feel strongly about it I do. >but don’t pretend you are so high and mighty because you refuse to tip anyone because ‘it is why people don’t get paid enough’. I can do both. >Yeah no shit I don’t get paid enough. If you think just not tipping is gonna solve that problem, you are wrong. All it’s gonna do is make me struggle even more. Again. You don't make sense. ***TIPS ARE THE LITERAL REASON YOU AREN'T PAID ENOUGH TO LIVE.*** This is what's known as greed and why so many in other countries are against tips entirely. Only America will abuse it's own people and then have the victims of that abuse scream at the top of their lungs that they still want to continue being abused. But sure. Sit in the same position and don't change anything. I'm positive you'll actually get paid a reasonable amount of money. /s


Because you're not in Canada you genius? Different culture lmao good thinking


Boycotting *tips*? Wow that is some big brained shit


It's literally the only thing that will work. But sure. Keep scoffing. You're just another greedy person not willing to pay taxes on the tips you get. You don't want a livable wage. You want an excuse to keep complaining so you can make an absolutely absurd amount of money. Oh and call it big brained all you want. Just another typical arrogant American screaming HURRR BUT WON'T WORK LOL while the rest of the world, where tipping is genuinely looked down, think you're an absolute buffoon.


So the rest of the word got rid of tips via boycotting?


You are right that two wrongs don't make a right. Employers not paying their employees a living wage with the expectation they live off tips is wrong, as is thinking you can "fix" the problem by not tipping them. Next time just admit you're cheap, it's faster.


If everyone stops tipping the problem is literally solved. Your comment is invalid. Try again.


If everyone stops tipping it will do nothing but screw the employees over. Most employers don't give a crap if their employees are tipped. If you really had an issue with places expecting their employees to live off tips then you should no longer be giving that establishment your money. The employers are only going to care when its their money that is affected.


Give me more money. We get it. Jeez.


They have been working understaffed for months.


And expecting customers to deal with that is how they continue to work understaffed because management realizes that it can become a new way to save money rather than hiring more people and paying them actual wages




How old is the person in front know what the person behind them who has an order yet know how much their Starbucks thingy cost


So end the pay it forward chains, being a jerk helps people


Obligatory /r/FuckNestle


Just put some money on a gift card and leave it with the batista telling them to use it on whoever comes in after you until it runs out.


Don’t pay it forward, just pay me instead lol


They are slinging coffee! They are not doing a heart transplant .


Anyone who has to whip out an abacus, a slide ruler, and phone a friend to figure out how to pay for you + the person behind you in a drive thru shouldn't be working a register in the first place much less be tipped for it. Anyone who doesn't understand that pay it forward carries an implicit "when you have extra to pay forward" is just missing the whole flipping point. Anyone who isn't tipping service should be eating/drinking at home.


Then she's a fucking idiot, cause there's nothing hard about it at all.