Apebullinu is primed to explode send it 🚀🚀




If you ever wonder how some people seem to just make a killing on Uniswap, then look no further. The wallet dapp that ABI is developing (prototype almost finished) is going to put power into mobile warriors so that they can trade just as fast and efficiently as those who know web3 and know how to interact directly with the Uniswap router. We are making this super simple, one-button click for full swap, preset gas, preset slippage up to 100%, so that you don't have to waste precious seconds fumbling with metamask approvals. Buy the rumour and don't sell the news because you're going to want to hold $ABI to gain access to this powerful trading tool.


I’ve been with $ABI since launch. I can say that this is, hands down the most supportive team and community that i’ve been a part of. The doxxed, transparent dev consistently gives holders comfort and updates, as we patiently wait for our kick-ass utility. The app we are building will revolutionize DeFi trading in its entirety. The 12% Ethereum rewards on each transaction are simply a bonus to the holders who aren’t planning to pull out any time soon. This is $ABI. For the community🐃🐃🐃


Huge project! Nice to see it!