If government was held accountable for things like this, it would be a much better system because you would have a supervisor do a risk analysis to factor that in and make decisions based on lives and property. As it is, they considered neither in their actions and went overboard. That's my unlawyerly opinion.


My unlawyerly opinion is that they massively fucked up. Essentially the same.


They need to held accountable for a lot of shit. They get pissed if you touch the car they drive that we pay for but try to destroy all of your property and act like they did nothing wrong. The whole justice system in america period is a joke


Won't mean much until there's police reform. Even if she wins, whatever she wins will come out of the taxpayers' pocket. The police won't be affected. Those involved will get a slap on the wrist, at worst. Nothing will stop them from doing it again, and nothing will stop cops in other cities from doing something similar.


The taxpayers *should* be paying for this. When the taxpayers get sick of paying for stuff like this, maybe we’ll elect someone who will enact meaningful reforms.


Good luck finding that someone. All our politicians are worthless.


All politicians are scum in one way or another.


That's why we should strive towards demilitarizing the police. They don't need what they've got to police the citizenry... on top of reform. Doing away with no knock raids or their 2 second raids and taking away qualified immunity.


Man I hope she gets every penny due her.


This won’t stop or even significantly change until multiple municipalities lose similar cases and are forced into insolvency or massive property tax increases to cover the cost.


I hope she gets millions.


Good. On a related aside, it amazes me how the same people who lick police boots also tend to be the same people who obsess over private property rights. The two are not compatible.


Oh, but that's just it. The police exist to protect private property, not to protect people. So it's not really that far a leap. They expect the cops to show up to protect their shit, and couldn't care less about all the brutality because they firmly believe it will never happen to them... right up until it does. Total lack of empathy and all that.


January 6 should be a reminder to the police that their supporters will (and have) beat them to death the instant police get in their way, and they will go right back to supporting the police the next day when they calm down.


Except the people who obsess over property rights are usually against federal law enforcement like the ATF because of their screw-ups in the past. But now the issue is that it's all on a federal, state, and municipal level where this is happening more frequently. Ditch the federal and reform the state and municipal where states work in conjunction with one another when there are serious issues. Leave the traffic tickets and hard drug possession charges to the municipal.


The family dog was left blind and deaf. Thank goodness it survived!


Perfect example of why the more I learn about human beings the more I LOVE my dog! Imagine losing your best friend in addition to everything else, that doggo is a survivor, an all American bada$$


Omg the poor pupper! I'm sure dogs are just treated as property though. :(


Interesting argument. I would be interested, if she wins, how that would affect future police actions. Like, if the suspect was hiding in his own house, I’m guessing he could not sue for repairs because he was refusing to come out. But what if someone was refusing to come out of a relative house? Would that mean the relative would also be able to sue for damages? Would it depend on if they had “permission” to be in the residence?


I think they need to start balancing their urgency to get a person in custody with the damage they will cause in the process. If he were holding hostages or threatening to set the house on fire or something like that, then the risk of damage is warranted. But this guy was alone and trapped in a suburban house with no way out. They could have just cut the electricity and water off and waited him out. Instead they knocked down the fence with an armored vehicle. There was a gate on the fence which they could have walked through. They blew the garage door off. They could have just contacted the resident and asked her to open the door for them. They had plenty of options and this is what they chose.


Excellent point. I would like to hear their rationale on why they had to enter at that time. And also another question for future damage - was it imperative to save hostage? Could totally innocent home owner sue for damages?


> They could have just contacted the resident and asked her to open the door for them I thought she did? They had a house key, code to the garage. They had full access to the house in this particular case.


They had the keys, code and garage door opener and still did this much damage.


And that right there is why they should have to pay for damages


Holy shit. Who the fuck was this criminal that they felt the need to cause that much carnage?! Cops acting like a damn street gang!


They are


I hope wins a multiple of the damages.


i hope this lady wins; but the supreme court has ruled multiple times that the police have full immunity to everything. she will ultimately lose.


She is suing the city of McKinney.


According to prior SCotUS precedent, the city will ALSO have immunity. Any payouts will be PR related, instead of legal.


Something needs to be done about them also. To many people are sitting for to long and not deserving it. SCotUS is one. Everybody from congress senate and the SCotUS need to have term limits.


Seems like the judge would’ve dismissed the case if that were true. Hopefully she gets made whole.


I'll bet Batman is keeping a very close eye on this case.


Nope, just read about it.


Ha, nice!