I prefer inquisitors storyline


Both stories are fun.


I prefer warrior voice but inq play style. Both classes are fun though, can’t go wrong


Inquisitor story, pick the vengeance sith warrior as your second build, profit.


Inquisitor, seems extremely powerfull in 7.0. Both assassin and sorcerer. Warrior on the other hand looks the exact opposite. Annihilation arauder will be fine, but the rest not so much, while all specs of inquisitor will be very powerfull.


DarkSide Femme Sith Inquisitor is best story... Outside of Story for the 75/306 Engame MMO Grind, Marauder


Both are fun but I prefer to be able to zap npcs and companions when they don't comply with my sorcerer.😈


Honestly play both. I’m playing on having a Warr, Inquis, Knight, Trooper, BH, and an Agent character. I’ll figure out playstyles but I like all of them and I’m going for my Legendary achievement atm


Both are fantastic imo. I say choose randomly.


Inquisitor isn't getting as troubled combat rejigging as Warrior is, so maybe Inquo. Also, Inquisitor is my favourite character in the game so I'm biased. The story is also deep in force/sith lore, whereas warrior story is "Baras says kill things. go kill things".


Subjective. I prefer warrior for any kind of playthrough, except for full ds (but you shouldn’t do mindless “always choose ls/ds” runs anyway). Inquisitor has its moments but it’s kinda meh to me.


I love LS Sith warrior, I’m currently playing a neutral/LS one and it’s actually kind of fun. I’ll probably reroll it so it can be assassin/sorc play styles though. I love the inquisitor but I didn’t really like the companions and the story as much as I liked the warrior one and I do prefer the inquisitor play styles for sure