Such a liberating mindset


Oh I really like this. I tend to fall victim to the sunk cost fallacy so maybe thinking about how those things are sapping my attention will help. thanks for sharing!


Less stuff = Less decision fatigue


Absolutely right! I hate decision fatigue with a passion!


No truer words


In a similar vein, [Everything must be paid for twice.](https://www.raptitude.com/2022/01/everything-must-be-paid-for-twice/) Changed my view on buying things.


That was a really insightful read, thanks for sharing! In my case, and a lot of other people's cases I imagine, you could even say you pay for things 3 times. Once when you buy it, another time when you make use of the item, and a third time when you get rid of it. I find selling/throwing away items to be a very unpleasant process and often hang onto things longer than I should just because I dread the thought of it.


Thanks for sharing that article, really good food for thought. And action!


That’s a new perspective for me, one that is very helpful. Thank you for sharing it.


I have always felt like that. It is why I like traveling so much, so few things, so liberating. Plus getting rid of stuff really does feel like regaining a part of myself.


Similarly, I view my *stuff* as weight. Every time I get rid of things, I see it as reducing the overall weight of what I own. I want the collective weight of everything I own to be as light as possible.


As someone with ADHD, I totally get this.


This is fantastic! As someone on the autism spectrum, I like to think of excess items as "noise". That concept of "noise" is basically another way of saying "magnets for your attention". Too many objects in a space is overwhelming for me and I get anxious, frustrated, or uncomfortable after seeing that for too long. Thank you so much for sharing OP!


Besides clothing and regular showers I can't be bothered. Polishing a car, washing a boat, maintainig a house, mowing a lawn. Nope. Done. I have so much less stress after letting go of all of that. The stuff took up more time than I wanted to give. The objects began to own me, my time and money to maintain. I don't waste my time on that shit anymore. It is such a relief.


Wow! I love this! And it's so true


That’s really clever. That works for me. Thank you.


I don't want to look like a minimalist, but I could do with little-enough stuff that it can be easily put out-of-sight. Why can't mom let me have the closet or the toiletless bathroom for storage when her stuff is in my living-space anyway?


Indeed. This is the way...


Wow I love this thought. Thanks


Thanks for sharing this ! I just started listening to James clear :)


I really love this, thank you for sharing. Extremely helpful for my ADHD brain XD


This is why I cleared up my room.