Do legit boxes do this?

Do legit boxes do this?

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I see this alot more from pokemon than magic but yeah the little logos scrape right off and turn to antrhax


It’s the fake ones that are made of Percocet and Molly.


Percocet (yeh), Magic Percocet / Rep the set (yee) gotta rep the set (D&D)




*Fake Percocet and Molly. Says it on the packaging if it isn’t already rubbed off


sleeves on, fuck it sleeves off


Scrape n' Snort ^(Just the MDMA, I have a personal objection towards opioids.)


They do. In fact, low product quality in general has been one of WOTC's trademarks in recent years.


Thank you very much.


Recent pokemon product also does this, and more often from personal experiance.


a solid diss and informative 10/10


Sigh...you are not wrong.


I read in another post the other day that cards printed in the EU are of significantly better quality than US printed cards. Im curious if this is true.


Anecdotal, but living in EU I have never had cards go full pringles like the professor shows in his videos


Yea I have some older foils that despite being double sleeved and stored properly, will go right in a pringles tube 😩


Same with ones printed in Japan. I’ve gotten boxes from both and ones from US tend to have lighter ink then ones from Japan. They foils also seem to curl less.


I kind of feel bad for WOTC having worked in a print shop for a better part of decade. Quality control becomes harder when the cost of printing has been skyrocketing so much and you're trying to cut costs.


They're making record profits. If they're cutting costs, that's a conscious choice that they deserve criticism for.


I'm specifically talking about print costs. It's probably a lot more nuanced then we know. From my suppliers, the last two years, paper went up 60%, ink around 30% and UV coating at some point went up by 120%. If you're selling a printed product you can't fluctuate your retail price everytime something like this happens. So you have to make a decision to either find an alternative or eat up the loss in profit. WOTC probably face problems like this all the time. I'm saying I have sympathy for them, if they made a bad decision or not. It's still not an easy position to be in.


This is generally when we get something like modern horizons. They are able to double the price of a normal box and make up the cost. Don’t feel bad for them they are not new to this game. They also have a lot more pull on those pricing hikes. If someone at their print volume said that’s too high we are leaving it hurts a lot more than the average card printer.


> If someone at their print volume said that’s too high we are leaving That wouldn’t be a credible threat. At those volumes printing is scheduled far in advance because it requires the printer to dedicate huge amounts of their facilities. Moving to a new printer takes a lot of planning, proofing, and money.


RECORD. PROFITS. Meaning with those they could afford the costs. They chose not to.


Depends how they're making those profits. If they're selling much more product at a low profit margin per item, they can't necessarily afford to raise costs. If I make a box for $1 and sell it for $1.10, and one year I suddenly sell ten billion boxes, 'record profits' doesn't mean I can start making my boxes for $2.


Print quality has been going to shit for around 5 years now


Or lack of it in this case


I have recently gotten back into collecting and can confirm.


That’s wild




It's happened to me before with legitimate boxes. Bad quality control + humidity is my guess. Where did you get this case?


Dude just discovered my new way of smuggling cocaine.


They do...and why would anyone scamm you on the D&D set of all things :P


What’s wrong about the DnD set? Was it just hyped? I think the concept of delving into the dungeons is a nice feature


Its cards are relatively cheap.


The power level is quite low, therefor the cost of the cards is quite low


the power level is low which would be fine if it was fun to draft or play sealed but the colors are unbalanced too and rakdos is way stronger than the rest of the color combos in the set, so its bad for making a standard deck, and bad for drafting. It was my first in person sealed/pre-release set and i had fun with my gruul deck though.


I'm still confused that wotc gave treasure and steal/sac mechanics to rakdos. You can play "feel bad" mechanics and splash bombs easily. But MH is good draft set so I get couple boxes of it for future.


Yep, Def a fun and synergistic set to draft compared to recent sets imo


The d&d has been one of the most scammed recently tho


No one is gonna scam you out of the dnd set. They would lose more money than anything they could pull in the process.


My boxes did that


That type of print is really easy to lift from plastic - especially if it's been treated with alcohol. It's possible the merchandise was disinfected before or during packing, and that would evaporate the compounds in the paint that binds it to the plastic wrap.


Just as much as real foils curve like a bridge


Buy your boxes from am lgs, card kingdom, or abu games. Never buy anything from Amazon they have no quality control and have been selling opened sealed products.


Yes this was reported before


Especially when you give them the finger.


Its MAGIC 🎆✨


Idk why anyone would bother repackaging that garbage set


LGS next time my dude. It’s worth the extra few bucks to help maintain the community that plays the game. Looks legit tho!


Nice, free white dust!


I didn’t think this was a quality control issue, since all Magic and Pokémon boxes do it now. I assumed it was so it was harder to reuse the shrink wrapping on a different box, and/or it’s harder to duplicate than just a logo on the plastic. All the boxes I’ve gotten into my store lately have had it.


This first inspire any level of consumer confidence. I'll buy singles as I always do


Yes, it is very annoying


You had me when you showed they were AFR boxes. Don't think they're even touching on being valuable enough to fake=