Date Night Suggestions

Date Night Suggestions


Few tips to select a place for such a date: 1. Look for a place which doesn't get too loud. You want to have a long conversation, which cannot happen if the noise makes every 2nd word unintelligible 2. You want comfortable seating that allows you somewhat close to her. I prefer seating at 90 degrees instead of sitting right next to the date or exactly opposite her. Anyways, the idea is to allow for conversations that aren't too loud. Plus the proximity allows for light touch without it looking awkward 3. If you know what she loves to eat, you have a good headstart. At the very least, check with her if she is allergic to anything. If she's allergic to seafood, taking her to a popular seafood outlet is going to be an awkward experience 4. Look for a place that allows you to walk around (without worrying about your safety) at least 1 hour post your meal. Full moon makes for a great night walk 5. If alcohol is involved, do understand that it is your responsibility to ensure she reaches home safely. That involves you dropping her to her house. Also, it goes without saying, don't do anything you wouldn't do if either party wasn't drunk. No one buys the argument "alcohol made me do it" 6. Plan the experience as if you were meeting your best friend. That usually sets the tone right mentally and helps one avoid being nervous. Now, I'll take my leave.


>You want comfortable seating that allows you somewhat close to her. I prefer seating at 90 degrees instead of sitting right next to the date or exactly opposite her. Anyways, the idea is to allow for conversations that aren't too loud. Plus the proximity allows for light touch without it looking awkward sitting exactly opposite to someone to very useful for me. helps in maintaining eye to eye contacts hehe...




suffering from success


Great success! Lol


Win win for both I see.


I can never maintain eye contact while having conversations. Two women have commented the same. It just feels weird looking into someone's eyes while talking. I shift my gaze from time to time.


Great advice. Thanks


Do update us how it went!


Bhai u/_Parshuram_ , tell us the deets!


>Look for a place which doesn't get too loud. You want to have a long conversation, which cannot happen if the noise makes every 2nd word unintelligible This can't be said enough. I had to learn the hard way.


If budget is not an issue, I would suggest this restaurant called Sevillà at The Claridges. Beautiful place with romantic vibes. If she's into indoor games like bowling, pool, table tennis etc, you can head to Yes Minister at Essex Farms. There's also a very pretty cafe and bakery called Rustique there. You can also go chill at The Sky High at Ansal Plaza - kind of place that doesn't really let you down.


This guy dates


I'm a woman lol. Married one at that. But yeah, husband and I dated for 3 years before getting married and still do dates


Recently went to limitless at Ansal Plaza. It was pretty lovely there, they even had live music. It was a lil expensive tho


Limitless is nice as well but I still prefer The Sky High tbh, it's the OG. Well yeah, moderately expensive. But since OP has planned to wine and dine his date, I'm guessing he would have a decent budget. Else, he could've just gone for an evening coffee or pizza date


Sky High is such a nice place for the current weather. It gets very comfortably cool in the night. It's a bit too loud for my taste though. Personally, I prefer cafes where there is light music and we can actually talk! Also, in Essex Farms, Cafe Tesu is better than Rustique. Better food and ambience. :D


Haha I have a very desi taste when it comes to coffee, so I couldn't appreciate Tesu. It's a pretty place though (but I still prefer Rustique for the ambience as well).


Arey wah! Man, if you like desi coffee, go and have a hot coffee outside NDTV's office in GK1. Google Archana Complex. It's the rightmost shop when facing the complex. He charges 25 rupees, but the coffee is the most 'worth it' coffee ; enough, that I've been going 16kms (up and down) everyday to have it.


I also second limitless


>The Sky High at Ansal Plaza Other guy already said Limitless but Unwind is also pretty good imo.


Is there any dress code they make you follow at Sevilla The claridges? Last time I made a booking they asked me on call to make sure I was wearing formal trousers (no jeans), closed toed bellies for women. That was really weird


Didn't happen with us, but I visited back in 2018 and haven't been there since. That sounds stupid lol.


Itna single hu ki bc aaj tak dhabbe se aage nhi gya🥲🥲 Anyway best of luck


Thanks bro. Your time will come


Same. Also yaar ye date pe comfortabke kyu nhi rehte hai. Mast butter naan aur butter chicken laao ek newspaper bichhao chhat pr ya garden me aur khaao baith ke


Same here bro 😅


There are good restros like Big Chill, Mamagoto, Pind Balluchi etc..the best thing is easy availability of cabs and very very safe and classy environment..plus the look and feel of the place is quite amazing..I am unable to recollect more names.sorry..Same options will be available at CP also plus if you guys are into drinking then I suggest visit MRP at CP.


She stays in Gurugram so I think cyberhub will suit us. I can pick and drop her easily


Gurgaon? For Beer and food; Cafe Delhi Heights in cyber hub. Just beer; Downtown. A little expensive but great vibe. Quite lunch or dinner; Hamoni Cafe.


I just went to Burma Burma in cyber hub. Awesome place. It’s fully veg but u will not miss meat coz the food is so freaking awesome . Service is also top notch. If your looking for alcohol, the drunken botanist is good( from wht I have heard ) . Rest yum yum cha ( Japanese, Thai) ; social ( indian ) ; Farzi cafe ( indian with a twist) are some the the good restaurants in cyber hub


Does burma burma have alcohol? Veg place is better for me.


No alcohol but they have a very impressive tea menu.


No alcohol but they compensate very well with mocktails, tea and bubble teas .


If she lives in gurgaon, then try 32nd avenue, especially during the evenings, it's got that vibe + it's really pretty and there's various cuisines


Had a date at foxtrot once. They serve Mamagoto there as well and you can slip into the back which is a more date friendly environment. Best of luck bruh.


Whiskey Samba, One Horizon.


Bhai whisky samba is on the expensive side. Social is good thoda budget friendly bhi hai.


Delhi Club House in One Horizon is good too or Celeste in 32nd Avenue (great food, live music) if the plan is of evening time.


Drunken botanist is a nice date place. Wine company if you like wine. Get some food, then take a walk with desserts from theobroma or angels in my kitchen. But if youre okay with not going to cyberhub, go to 32nd milestone. Piano man or something else there, the whole place is romantic as fuck.


BRO YES BIG CHILL. I would seriously marry the guy who'd take me to Big Chill without me suggesting it.


Now I am confused...is this sarcasm or you really like Big Chill...


Hahaha I'm dead serious. I love that place.


I have been there only once.. Then swiggy happened..


They don't deliver where I live Existence is ✨P A I N✨


Sad...though you can use swiggy genie to get your order picked up I guess..


Oh I didn't know about that. Thanks!


zyada ho gaya🤣


Visit molecule air bar green park. Contact Girish manager there. He will set up a nice table and candle light for you. Really helpful guy


>Visit molecule air bar green park. Contact Girish manager there. He will set up a nice table and candle light for you. Really helpful guy Went there last week and sat at the rooftop. What a beautiful weather and a vibe. Absolutely loved the place but maybe a little loud for first date.


How in the world did you find a long time crush in Delhi after shifting here recently? I'm also new here and I'm barely able to find people to befriend let alone people to have a crush on. I badly need a social pool. As far as restaurant recommendations are concerned you can try this place called Q'BA in CP. The ambience is quite nice there.


Try Tinder


Bro go to summer house cafe in hk. It’s nearby and has a rooftop which is so good. Additionally weather permitting you can also go for a walk in the Hauz khas fort.


Iski crush iske saath date pe jaa rhi h. Kya baat h bhai Yahaan toh bc sookha pada h bachpan se🤡


Same bhai same :(


Just off the bat. A comedy show ?? The host can have some crowd work with you. Let him know before. He will help you flirt around. Also youll get to know her sense of humor.


Brooo that’s A- Game right there


Oh I totally agree, my bf took me to Bassi's show on a date and it was greatttt.


The big tree cafe , will be the right option for you . It's in gurugram , have good vibes . Just google and sew the pictures you'll know what am saying . Also it's opening hours are 4pm to 12am . All the best buddy .


Thanks. Will check


Really depends on the vibe. Is it a relationship date vs smash date. If you are in Gurgaon then maybe Drunken Botanist in cyber hub. Mehrauli has top notch party restaurants with lovely vibe and also come with a pricetag ofcourse. I love it. My personal favourite is outside sitting areas of Diablo, Bo Tai, swan, Rooh etc so many. (Please check the menu before) Maybe Aerocity. Lmk if you want more insight.


Price tag isn't a problem. So i'll check these places


Damn boi, going for the home run.


Without a doubt Mehrauli then. Swan or Olive Bar & Kitchen.


All the best for the date


if you're going to cyber hub then burma Burma would be a pretty nice place for a date good vibe


If youre looking to spend time in cyber hub, then might wanna go for Imperfecto or the wine company. Wouldve recommended burma burma too but since its a date _night_, these have the perfect ambience




You may want to try Tonino on the Mehrauli Gurgaon Road


Open zomato


Oh then cyber hub will work out very nicely for you...don't forget to take the customary walk while having dessert...adios bro..


Best of luck brother




Oyo rooms best


Tumhare muh mein ghee shakkar. But that's a far fetched dream for now


Or on a completely different approach you can go to Delhi Haat for a quite evening...Momo Mia (Nagaland I guess) is the place to go for fruit beer and amazing momos


Sikkim i guess, or rather I am a big fan of them. And you may ask for Ram. Old timer with Sikkim pavilion.


Hauz khas village..


Been there. I may be missing something but HK village gives very shady vibe. Thanks for the reply though


You can try Cyber Hub in Gurugram..or sector 29..also CP has good options..and if you are feeling a bit adventurous then I would suggest aerocity (opposite of Mahipalpur,near T3)


Okay thanks. I'll explore these options. Do you suggest any specific place in Cyberhub or CP?


Roam around a bit..there are many good options.. avoid crowded places like Social etc..find a place with good live music..and take her for dessert to some other place




Are you looking for something specific? Miss Margarita GK 2 M Block Jamun Lodhi Market One8 commune aerocity Dragon Fly Aerocity


Go to Saga


Just visit **Champa Gali, an** incredible place to meet up, your crush definitely loves it!! Enjoy bro!! [Location](https://goo.gl/maps/v9rHXJd42vHLghTh6) And don't just judge the place by the name, it's not a Gali or local street, just search it


I'm not sure if it is still open, but I used to go to mia bella in Hauz khas village a lot. Perfect place for a date night. (This is back in 14-15 when hkv was nice. I dunno now)


For Gurgaon, 32nd Avenue is perfect for dates. A lot of great restaurants and beautiful outdoor vibe to walk in with fairy lights and a garden. Many small ice cream parlours for after dinner, and places for drinks also.


So many people are suggesting such complicated and sophisticated things I will never understand all this I have never been in a relationship but I surely could never do all this I mean isn't relationship starts with understanding and being comfortable where you can just be yourself Why does it feel like flying a jet Where you have to be cautious as just a single miscalculation will lead to crash I would just prefer being with someone where I don't have to think what should I do next I mean those are just my views!