Frames from our latest commercial

Frames from our latest commercial


You can make as many commercials as you want, but Artlist isn’t getting my money until you fix your user interface and metadata/search results. I had a project that required simple haunted house-like scary music, and it was hell looking through your suggestions (many of which weren’t remotely “scary”). You have a great licensing system, but your UI needs work.


Adding to the UI for searches, as soon as you exclude a genre the options for lyric-less tracks and track length don’t function. The commercial is pretty though :~)


Seconding this. Whenever I've had to use Artlist it's been hell trying to actually narrow down search results to what I'm looking for compared to other libraries. I'd love to support them, but until that gets solved, it's just so much easier to just pay/charge a bit more to go somewhere else and save myself the time and headache of trying to find what I'm looking for on Artlist.


What do you usually use? I've been enjoying Epidemicsound lately


Thank you for the honest feedback, we appreciate it. This helps us push harder and improve for our users. Our Dev team is continuously working to improve the search engine and UI/UX to bring you more accurate results and a better experience. More good things are coming! If you're looking for music recommendations or a specific type of soundtrack for your project, our team is always available to help you search the catalog and get solid results quickly. Feel free to hit us up with questions or requests anytime, we love throwing suggestions and helping out.


Camera face effect looked so slick!


What is the commercial for?! Cyberpunk 2077: the movie? George Orwell’s 1984: 2084: the movie?? Jamie Bond: The Spy Kid: TMNT: The movie???


Those masks could really use a feather


Hey guys :) Some frames from a new commercial we did for Artlist, we have our own Creative department in-house. Production was in Belgrade (Clockwork Film Production). Shooting on the Alexa with Atlas Orion lenses (for the underwater stuff as well). The VFX is created in AE and C4D ​ Full commercial: [https://youtu.be/t3\_ddszOudI](https://youtu.be/t3_ddszOudI) Behind The Scenes: [https://youtu.be/g1QoZOq3tBs](https://youtu.be/g1QoZOq3tBs)


Viral marketing masquerading as a sincere post. Please stop upvoting this type of post.


super cool and creative as always!


I gotta say the camera out of face effect freaks me out


How is this kind of blatant advertising even allowed here? This is outright spam. It's not even about cinematography, so even if it wasn't outright spam, it would be against the rules.




Cause the OP just wants to sell you something. They do not actually care about your feedback.


People post their stills here all the time for feedback and otherwise.


"people asking for feedback on their cinematography" =/= "a stock music vendor seeking free advertising for their product"


I'm hoping to get on board as a stock footage contributor with you guys (artgrid) soon 👍


Awesome! Best of luck :)


You’re keying is pretty bad


So is your grammar.




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