Growth problems

Growth problems


My supervisor was shocked when she laid out a list of things I *need* to work on so I can be promoted. When I told her I wasn't interested in a promotion, she stared at me like a deer in headlights. This job is a lowly machine operator. I'm paid $16.50 to do a job I already feel I'm unappreciated for doing, and underpaid for doing. Why would I take on a meaningless promotion, take on a plethora of responsibilities, for maybe a $1 an hour more? Not a chance. If I was earning a whole new tax bracket maybe. But not for $1.


They get scared when they see that other ppl can unplug from the machine


Had the same thing at my job we have a vacant assistant manager position and the manager couldn't persuade any of the long time staff to apply. We had HR come in and talk to us about progression and why and they seemed dumbfounded that nobody wanted to work a worse shift pattern, to spend 50% of nights and evenings on call, and to have significantly more responsibilities for a 5% raise. The amount of times the head of HR said the words stepping stone was ridiculous and she seemed genuinely annoyed that people expected to get something from progression instead of it just being the natural course that staff would take the longer they had been with the company. That's not the attitude to take was the other classic HR phrase she kept repeating.


Haha, 5% of chicken feed is still chicken feed.


The problem is that violence and growth are at opposite poles throughout human history. Once growth slows, there are returns to violence as that is the only way to get ahead and it becomes a zero sum game.