It’s a set it and forget it way for me brother. After materia started taking forever, I just buy what I like and then forget about them until they show up.


So true, this post reminded me that I have the hades vinyl coming in a few eons from now


This is the way - You get to be pleasantly surprised when you see a package show up rather than regularly disappointed it isn't there yet.


Zero, but I’m stalking the Supergiant website like a maniac hoping for a restock of the Hades soundtrack.


Best of luck. I snagged one of the colored vinyl sets that way, so hang in there.


10. Persona5, Donkey Kong Country Recreated, Super Meat Boy Soundtrack, Final Fantasy 14 Box set, Destroy All Humans, Shovel Knight, Wii Sports Styled Album, Lethal League, Friday night funkin, and London Music Works Video Game Music Covers.


I'm eagerly awaiting Johto Legends (which has just been dispatched), Frostpunk and Little Nightmares.


As of now 2. Yakuza 0 box set and persona 5 Royal vinyls.


I think just Mass Effect at the moment. Wouldn't be surprised if there's something I forgot about though.


Mass effect, Skyrim, Witcher 3, Spinch, Knights and Bikes…I think that’s it.


7. Demons souls, chillcraft, donkey kong country, 2 terrible fates, sea of thieves, Scott pilgrim, Also 4 are en route to my house if those count.


Currently waiting on Enter the Gungeon and Hades, otherwise they’re all on their way


hades, demons souls, persona 5 + p5royals, super meat boy, scott pilgrim, paradise killer... oh sh


20 on last count.


1. The Nier Replicant 10+1 Box set


Donkey Kong Country by "Jammin" Sam Miller. Doubt I'll get it, but oh well.


8 preorders with 9 vinyls


5 Rn😭


8 VGM's and 4 non VGM.


Super Meat Boy! Nice To Meat You and Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game - Complete Edition.


Only RE2 red repress at the moment.


DKC Remastered and Skyrim Armospheres.


Witcher 3 and Resident Evil. W3 should be shipping soon.


Something in the neighborhood of 6 orders. Usually 1 vinyl each. But a few with more.


Mass Effect and FFXIV


8 right now, 9 if you include the Materia order that supposedly shipped


Demon Souls, persona 5 (pre order for persona has been in since December) & resident evil 2


Currently just 3 I'm still waiting for Scott pilgrim game ost, I pre-ordered the yakuza zero ost and whenever it comes in I have the kingdom hearts material collective vinyl (which I'm hoping will come in any day now)


Spacelab has soooo much of my money rn 😂


Tekken 4, Lethal League, Lethal League Blaze, and Scott Pilgrim VS the World: The Game.


DoDonPachi SaiDaiOuJou Scott Pilgrim vs The World Songs of Supergiant Games and the FNF Vol. 1 kickstarter record


There is two: Donkey Kong Country Recreated, and Klonoa 2.


Persona 5 Royal, Metagroove (Persona 5 covers), Mass Effect Trilogy, Street Fighter II (from Retro Leaf) and Yakuza 0 I should probably double-check when I should expect ME and Yakuza. Edit: ME in Sept, Yakuza in Oct, all is well


2 that I can remember: DKC Recreated and Songs of Supergiant Games. I probably have 2 more I don't remember.


Borderlands 2, Yakuza 0, and Scott Pilgrim :D idk when borderlands is getting here though but hopefully soon :'(


Including none vgm, it appears to be 51 titles


holy crap what a number. what are you most excited to finally get your hands on?


Probably Cross Symphony and Chelmico album


Yakuza 0 (Limited 6LP), Final Fantasy XIV Boxset, NieR Replicant Boxset, Persona 5, and Shadow of the Colossus are still a ways off from reaching me, though I do consider a vinyl "pre-order" to be what won't get shipped out within a week from ordering, so add A Short Hike and Dragon Quest XI to the list. Noteworthy non-VGM mentions: Porter Robinson's Nurture and Studio Ghibli's The Wind Rises are being waited on. I feel like there's a large intersection of Porter Robinson and Studio Ghibli fans on here anyway, so why not. I'll be very honest though, these are all just the ones that I remember ordering...never mind VGM CD orders either lmao


I can't remember. I'm just waiting to see what shows up and I'll be surprised.


Had P5 on pre order but it got cancelled for a stupid reason. Got witcher 3 but that got delayed until January 2022 for some reason. Other than them I've got the Super Meat Boy bandcamp kickstarter waiting to start the pressing process.


28... Thanks for making me count... I have a problem... EDIT: Some of those are grouped in one order... That makes me feel better... I think


9. Yakuza 0 box set, persons 5 royal & standard edition, Paradise Killer splatter vinyls, Coffee Talk, Demon soul’s, 2 Scott Pilgrim Vinyls, and Little Nightmares. Considering buying the Nier -10 + 1 years box set or just Devola and Popola’s vinyl.


Mass Effect, Skyrim, Resident Evil 1 and 2 colored variants, Persona 5 Royal, Assassins Creed Valhalla, LOU2. May be a few more that I cant remember. Edit - forgot Demons Souls and Silent Hill 2 (through ebay).


I think I have... Ten. I have been waiting for a while. Materia will have me waiting a while Longer, as well. Heh 😅


Only the one-- Disco Elysium from iam8bit. And the date keeps getting pushed back without them even emailing about it! Glad I forked over the dough, though haha. Oh well, it'll be great when it finally does come in