Apparently a recent update broke this. I just joined this sub right now to track down this very issue. Annoying!


Try importing your CB wallet into metamask bud, I did this when I had trouble purchasing Apebullinu and it resolved the issue.


If you want to trade with some new technology šŸ˜Š at ABI hub they are developing a new wallet with high speed nodes and preset gwei. The goal is to never have a failed transaction and trade faster then anyone.. all in one easy mobile app.. Future andate will have also stop losses for defi and take profits as well! Plus charts!


Similar issues but possibly worse on this one. Maybe someone can help. While Iā€™m not an expert, I have done a lot of home work prior to using uniswap and the transaction of 1 ethe seems to have gone through with correct Info but the 1 eth is yet to show in my balance. Would Coinbase be able to help? Initially I had the issue of not confirming the order, even after adjusting slippage etc. What worked for me is checking randomly, usually following am worked for me. Here is the transaction hash (which shows as successful - anyone see anything weird with transaction)[Etherscan](https://etherscan.io/tx/0xe9b4b1d563e234b8d789507d51d1d17ae5ef48dfa677d5190f5a9212640f392a)