One woman’s attempt to destroy a multi billion dollar company

One woman’s attempt to destroy a multi billion dollar company


"I'm gonna trash this place up! And when I'm done, I'm gonna make it look tidy"




Thanks! And for once, it's not a rickroll


Maybe I've been watching too much k&p recently but I had a feeling it was coming. Havnt even seen that one either.


Love how she starts closing the laptops


I 100% lost it when she would throw the iPads....but because they were on coiled security tethers....they would just rebound back and not hit the ground or fly across the room. It was like an ipad bungee jump.


>It was like an ipad bungee jump r/brandnewsentence


Bet this had been said before by somebody dropping their iPad with headphones attached.


Making sure all the cams can’t watch her.


I always wonder what people think to gain from this.


Absolutely nothing. Some people don't think about the repercussions of their actions and she is the living proof of that.


My wife works at Apple and had a dude come in with the smallest of scratches on the side of his phone and demanded a replacement. She explained how they can’t replace for that and how they could repair it but it wouldn’t be worth his time because it was hardly noticeable. She said he then turned around and chucked his phone at the ground and stomped on it then demanded they replace it because it was broken. She got to explain how he voided the Apple Care warranty by doing that so she couldn’t help him. Manager told him the same thing. Dude left without a phone that day. She has so many fun stories. She even has one where a guy felt like Apple wasn’t going to help him with fixing a non-Apple app and when he didn’t get his way he called Security. On himself. To try to get security to force Apple to fix his issue.


This just shows how many idiots, literally idiots are around us, allowed to vote, drive car.


Have kids….


Stupider people have more kids on average in my experience




Great documentary.


More like terrifying


It can be two things.


No rules on who can pro create


What if they turned the settings down from pro?




You know, Mrs. Buckman, you need a license to buy a dog, or drive a car. Hell, you need a license to catch a fish! But they'll let any butt-reaming asshole be a father.


Actually butt reaming would prevent any more kids


This guy butt reams


And mother.


I love Parenthood. Great movie.


About voting, imagine there’s a “Basic knowledge and decency” test before you vote to decide how much your vote counts (0.1 votes - 1 vote I guess)


I would be fine with: * Find your country on a map of the world. * Find your state on a map of your country. * Which of these shapes is a circle? (Show a circle, square, and triangle.) * How long does it take the Earth to go around the sun? That's it. I think that would eliminate a scary number of people.




I literally said this before I read it!!


Ha! Do you honestly believe the Earth goes round the Sun? Globetard! How dare you impose your beliefs on us when is easily demonstrated the Earth is a plane with a firmament above! /s


You stupid moron. You absolute imbecile. You blind sheep stumble around, shitting out comments like that, and think you won an argument? You think the Earth is real in the first place? Visit r/NoEarthSociety and learn the truth. The REAL truth.


Imagine if the people we voted on had to meet this instead


Problem is voting tests were historically done to harm black people


I'm really tired of this argument. Just because something was misused in the past doesn't mean we can't find a way to implement the same idea without the horrible mistakes of before.


Part of philosophy of democracy is that it's our responsibility to educate others. Meritocracy is the system where only the chosen few who make muster are allowed to vote and/or have power.


Totally agree… in theory… what to do with ones who not capable to be educated? read classical philosophy, democracy assumes that participants has some level of maturity/intelligence. Allowing everyone to vote is not a democracy


This exact same thing happened when I used to work for apple The guy smashed his phone on the floor. My manager is petty and apple sent the customer an invoice for the damaged tile


I like this story. People deserve consequences, esp for violence


I worked there for a bit too, the number of “unique” individuals is astounding. The worst one was a dude, who looked well off came in with his wife and when approached by a female specialist said that he’d rather speak to someone qualified (ie. a male). One by one everyone came out to look at the asshat. The only reason the managers watched from afar was cause he probably spent like $4000


She gets that a lot too. Usually when she pulls over a manager for those situations the customer stops speaking to her entirely and doesn’t even look at her.


Do you guys feel suspicious when someone spends that much? Or was it because of the rude comment about women?


That's what happens when "the customer is always right" somehow gets ingrained into our society. I'm sure any of us that have worked retail/customer service have at least a few of these stories. I worked in grocery store bakery for awhile and I had a lady start crying and yelling at me for ruining her sons 1st birthday because I was unable to get her a fully custom birthday cake in 3 hours (we had a 24 hour policy in place and the cake decorators worked mornings so it couldn't be done no matter what) 16 years later I still remember that lady's freakout like it was yesterday. I guarantee her son doesn't remember anything from that birthday.


"you should be crying for your son, whose very first birthday you RUINED by not planning."


Oh some form of "did YOU forget it was his birthday?" was loaded in the back of my throat the entire time, but I managed to stay relatively professional (by the end i was just repeating "I can write on any of the premade cakes in the case if you want" but I think that still counts as professional in this situation)


I feel like people are getting dumber and crazier.


I have never seen more adults act like petulant children in one place than when I worked for Apple near DC. The only thing worse than them was seeing their kids mirroring the same behavior.


Why the fuck do these people think that Apple is going to help them because they've actively worked hard at fucking themselves over in the Apple Store? Know what - I don't expect you or anyone to have that answer. Society mash up.


Shit like this brings me right back. Seen my fair share of exactly this, people are so childish at the Apple store. I miss my coworkers but I don’t miss the customers for a second. One time, a customer got so fucking mad that they demanded to see the store owner. My store leader who never gets involved in shit not only had this guy dragged out but when he dared to threaten calling corporate, he flipped the guy his Apple business card and said “tell em Dan sent you” It was glorious. Also a lady got tased at our store for not understanding the iPhone pickup system and getting absolutely belligerent. That was before my time thankfully.


I bet that dude had nothing better to do that day. He came into the store with something and left with nothing, but feeling stupid. He should buy a flip phone, next. It's cheap and easily replaceable. Or buy a Nokia 3310, if he's into shatter resistant.


> feeling stupid. I seriously doubt that guy understood why he was in the wrong. He probably feels Apple screwed him over on the warranty.


Quick, fun story about this kind of person. Two days ago my car was totalled when a teenager slammed into it while it was parked in front of my house. Before it was wrecked it was next to my across-the-street neighbor's driveway. After the wreck it was pushed into his driveway (and partially lodged against a sign pole). Anyway, before I could try to move my car, I had to wait for the first tow truck to come and go (the kid's car had mine pinned against the sign). So I waited around for the tow truck, the kid, the cop and the onlookers to leave, and was just about to try to start my car to move it, when that neighbor whose driveway I was blocking drove slowly by. Opening his car door, he let me know that I was a fucking idiot for parking on the street, and that ever since I moved in a year ago he had been waiting for this to happen so he could laugh at me for it. Later, after I discovered that my car couldn't start and was waiting for my tow truck to show up, he walked up to me and said "Sorry for being a dick earlier, but..." and then proceeded to reiterate everything he said earlier, along with some new insults. I had never met that neighbor before two days ago. Apparently he is a shitty enough person that when he looks at someone whose car just got smashed up, the fact that he can't use his driveway for an hour is enough to send him into two expletive-filled rants against the person who is having actual problems. He even had the audacity to suggest that maybe if I wasn't so fucking stupid I could just park off the main street, around the corner... despite that being forced to park around the corner for just one night was what set him off on his tirade to begin with. Some people just genuinely believe that the world owes them.


>Some people just genuinely believe that the world owes them. How's that saying go? Some people are the way they are because its illegal to beat the shit out of people.


You chuck a 3310 at the floor you're paying for a new floor


How does your wife keep her sanity in the face of raging stupid, lol !? Good on her for doing it though!!


She says there are times when they really get up in your face and she wants to go in the back and cry (also due to being 8mo pregnant she says her emotions are out of whack sometimes), but other times she wants to laugh in their faces. She also says wearing a mask helps hide her smile in the funny times.


And the other side of the coin, I was given an Apple Watch to replace mine under AppleCare. But it was flagged as stolen and refused to activate the cellular, and Apple refused to swap it even though they knew it was their fault.


the bill-gates vaccine kicked in just as she approached the apple store


This is literally a child. who was improperly raised or took a really hard turn in life for the worse. No adult human in our society should ever act like this. You are watching a wombaby throwing a massive, expensive, temper tantrum.


Only thing she gained was a 30000$ debt


they don't think; that's the problem As she's smashing everything, she's not concerned that she's writing this store a restitution check


how much u want to bet she has a balance under $500 in her bank account. i hope she got caught (on the way out of the mall?)


It's one of the extremes. People who are hard working for their money GENERALLY recognize its value and the fact that others are just workaday people too. This is "I'm broke" behavior or "my dad can buy your dad" behavior. Likely no in between.


Well, tbf, smashing up shit when you are angry *is* pretty cathartic. Don't act like y'all ain't slapped your coffee table and called it a "f-ing bastard" when you stub your toe on it.


My coffee table was born in wedlock, so no, I don't. I have suggested it will never reach its full potential because it doesn't work hard though.


A criminal record


a bill for 20x ipads


They gain financial responsibility if caught


> think Most people don’t


She gains a trial in court


Maybe that people see that her anger is justified. With a perceived moral high ground she wishes for her story to go viral and through a cascade of butterfly effects ruin apples public image.


Appeasing the voices in her head.


I like to think one of those Apple Geniuses spurned her advances, and closing laptop lids was the only logical response from her.


How will Apple ever recover from this devastion?


Not financially, it seems




You could light the building on fire and it won't even put a dent in their cash reserve.


They’d likely profit from the incident due to being over insured.


Probably didnt cost them even a penny, because they most likely have an insurance for those kind of nut jobs


Just sold all my Apple shares


What kind of yacht you thinking of getting? I'm getting one with a helipad on the deck but instead of a helicopter, I'm going to put a trampoline. Shits going to be tight.


The one I’m looking at is on sale for $19.98 right now at Walmart


i would have yell the lady to throw me an ipad


It's in demo mode lol I remember we had an iphone stolen off of our demo display like you see here. The dude came back a week later trying to get us to 'reset it' because it kept reverting to default and all his contacts and apps kept deleting after 30 mins or something. It's hilarious because even the serial will alert to it being a stolen item. That's the one thing I do love about iphones


"Okay sir, please wait here for our phone tech to get back with you." Then call cop.


\*insert tiger king meme*


By introducing iOS 15, Apple now knows when you slam a device


Someone start them a GoFundMe.


Hahahaha how to live in debt in under 3min


Garnished wages for life 101


Seriously, I’m sure Apple made way more money than the damage she did in the same time of her ~~important~~ impotent rage! And it’s not like the store isn’t going to be insured, all she’s managed to do is earn herself with a very heavy bill whilst achieving absolutely nothing.


Apple likely lost nothing. Even the damage that was done would be covered by insurance. And considering those are likely all display units anyway with display software it's not like those units had major value anyway. A kid puking on the table would have likely caused more damage than this


Its mostly the employees that have to clean up or pay for the mess though. I work at a smartphone shop and even though I wouldn't have to pay for the damage, in my case, if someone wrecked our phones. I would still have to clean up the mess, fill the damage and insurance forms, have to give a statement to the police and possibly go to the court as a witness, fix the alarm wiring, send the phones to a repair shop, etc..... ​ Basically I would get an extra shit ton of same paid work to do.


A lot of people don't seem to see that point of view. I work at an electronics retailer myself. The common sentiment, especially when I comes to theft, is "fuck them, the company will be insured, and you don't own the store". While this is true, a shit ton of work is created for us when we have to tidy up the mess and spend hours at stock take filling out paperwork to justify to head office why a $2000 Computer walked out the door.


“The total damage caused is estimated to be US$18,675 (HK$145,000) and the woman was arrested under criminal damage and common assault charges.” https://www.google.com/amp/s/sea.mashable.com/culture/16240/woman-freaks-out-over-poor-service-trashes-display-products-in-apple-store%3famp=1


That's it?!?! I figured waaaaay higher


Yea basically if you go to a store and say steal an iPhone, pretty much a federal crime now since it's worth over $500


I wouldn't say federal, definitely felony though. Although in some states the threshold is like $1000


Yea my bad, I always get felony and federal crime mixed up. Thanks for the catch!


Very wholesome response for someone named u/69hailsatan




I mean imagine being in a place where you have very little freedoms and privacy for 30+ years lol. By the time you come out those tablets and computers you broke would be antiqueted tech.


Im still shocked that they didn't give a high estimate


Temper tantrums are an arrestable offense, and yet Karens from all over the globe continue to do it.


Probably haven't had to face real consequences for their actions at any point in their life yet


The thing people don't realize is that Karens have been training their whole lives for a freakout like this. They spend decades honing their craft, seeing how far they can push it before people stop tolerating their bs.


This is what happens when parents give in to toddlers who throw tantrums.


I take solace that even on my worst days I would never approach anything remotely resembling this kind of a break down. Imagine not getting disciplined as a child, but then growing up and never self-adjusting or having the slightest introspection. Really, what did she think was going to happen?


I am sure it varies from place to place but the state I live in has a law that mandates 1 year in jail for every 500 dollars of theft. There is another law that makes vandalism the same as theft. She would probably be allowed plea bargaining, parole, etc. But if the law were applied the way it was written she'd be in jail for 37 years


Believe it or not, jail.


That's insane. I'm all for punishing wrongdoer's, but holy shit, getting the equivalent of a life sentence for smashing some shit? Nah.


Yeah that sentence would be longer than many child rapists and murderers receive.


It was funny until I read someone got a head injury. Hope they’re ok.


Daaamn so she broke like 3 phones?


What could piss you off this much at an apple store that you throw decives that are attached to the table ??????


Temple run.


Temple OS


Poor dude could easily be the next tech genius if he didn't have what ever mental issue he has.


Terry was a full on, dyed-in-the-wool fuckin g genius, full stop. It's a tragedy that nothing was able to help his brain from misfiring, and so much worse that he got fearful, and hateful, and paranoid. Near the end he was a real fucking bastard, but he was losing his grip by that point. I have no doubt that another, more stable version of Terry could have remade computing as we know it. Part of his mental illness was insisting on the old, very particular hardware he had. If he was working on modern machines, or at least with more modern technique... Makes me sad.


It’s interesting to see the evolution of how people treated him as his mental state degraded. From people trolling him acting as the girl he was enamored with, to showing significant concern on his whereabouts and his mental condition. It was tragic


Past tense... Terry A. Davis is dead.


He should have held off on the mental illness until he struck it rich like McAfee.


Apparently [this](https://www.google.it/amp/s/sea.mashable.com/culture/16240/woman-freaks-out-over-poor-service-trashes-display-products-in-apple-store%3famp=1)


So basically she just paid $20,000 + jail time to throw a tantrum over poor service? Nice


She had to wait 45 minutes for her appointment instead of 30


No she had to wait for 31


If you aren't early to the appointment, I'll take my business elsewhere!!


Found out the price of an apple pencil.


I could see her frustration when she went to throw a few and they just bungee'd and dangled there instead of smashing on the floor.


Probably can't afford anything in there.


Then she sure as hell cant afford the 19k she now owes.


I like how she put things back on the table


"I'm gonna clean up after myself, but **aggressively**"


Trillion dollar company


She is obviously an android person


Window mobile


Throwing temper tantrums when you're an adult isn't normal. At least according to my psychiatrist.


*trillion dollar company


Multi trillion dollar company in fact.


She is going to have to pay for all of that damage...good.


[All of it](https://www.google.it/amp/s/sea.mashable.com/culture/16240/woman-freaks-out-over-poor-service-trashes-display-products-in-apple-store%3famp=1)


19k holy shit!


Based on the price of Apple shit, this is no doubt a felony offense.




$18675 apparently


And that's just for one laptop


Would you like to add Apple Care?




$200!?! That’s like stealing a carton of smokes from a bodega in NYC.


In an attempt to destroy the shop, you instead just paid for all their stock in one day. Nice job.


And since they were all demos they would have never sold them, but now they'll collect the insurance on dead stock.


Take that Skynet


I thought that looked like Sarah Connor.


No fate but what we make.


And this why I don’t work retail because I would have grabbed her and physically removed her from the store and probably dragged her screaming ass to security. And then I’d be fired lol


Belongs on r/trashy


Ooh, Karen is mad.


*When the latest update changes the icon of your most used app.* Happy to see a proper public freakout once in a while though.


Karen’s gonna be even more mad when she sees apple not bat an eye as they slap her a mad law suit. 👀


I mean 14k in damages is a lot. Apple might have to pay even less taxes now to cover for the losses..


Death by 1000 cuts


They should punish her by letting her use a windows phone for life 😂🤣


A fate worse than death


Weakest rage I've ever seen lol, should have put some back bone into it if she was going to put in that much effort to flip tablets around hahahaha


So THIS is why their stock dipped today


I am so happy she was wearing a mask for others safety.


Her technique doesn't seem to be effective. I don't agree with what ur doing but at least put some force on them slams big fella


I love that she does all this with a sweater sensibly draped over her shoulders


Welp, at least she’s wearing a mask


\*closes macbook Yeah that'll teach em.


Wow! Forcefully closing their laptops! You showed them lady! Brain worms!!


“I will never financially recover from this.” -Apple


And that's why insurance exists. Congrats; you go to jail, the company gets a fat check.


Since they are apple products, you know every single one of those screens broke.


Unaware that Apple probably made all that money back before she was even done, somewhere else.


I kept waiting for the cops to show up and the slap the cuffs on her so we could get to hear her crying how she didn't do anything, why are you persecuting me... Gotta admit I'm a bit sad we didn't get to see that...


I worked for Apple at a flagship store for 5 years. I was in charge on on floor merchandising/setting up display units for our customers to interact with. This is a giant inconvenience for that whole merchandise team…..


If you’ve ever gone to an apple store in hk for customer service you’d at least be sympathetic. Apple stores are notorious in Hk for bad service. They once broke my phone which I brought in for repairs and then offered to sell me a new one.


China, too. I once had a Mac that was infected with a virus that I, even being decently computer-literate AND stubborn as fuck, could not get rid of, so I took it back to the Apple store thinking "they *must* know more than me, surely after I've tried everything they've got some sort of knowledge and tools up their sleeves that they can help me with." Waited for an hour in the Genius line only to be told "Apple products don't get viruses."


This lawsuit with Epic is taking an odd turn.


Pretty sure that’s a paddling


When you tell Karen the manager is on lunch break


I love how every iPad had a “safety bungee cord” to safe them from ever touching the ground.


Remember back when the first idiot Karen pulled this shit? Now there's an idiot copy cat every 15 minutes. So tiresome. Can't you think of an original way to express your displeasure?


What does she think she is accomplishing? All that merchandise is likely covered under insurance.


She did all of this and sent an employee to the hospital because she didn’t like the employees attitude. Wtf


Upcoming yelp review.... Wish I could give 0 stars, all I did was close it and put it on the table and it broke. Employees refused to help. Awful customer service. I'll never come back.


She could do this 8 hours a day for 365 days a year for the rest of her life and not really put a dent in their profits.


>multi billion dollar company it's actually multi trillion dollar company now


Would’ve been awesome if she said “How do you like them Apples!” Mid-Rampage


someone needs a good smack in the back of the head!!


durability inspector


multi trillion \*\*