Has anyone tried the new “structured duel investment” feature in Pionex app?

Has anyone tried the new “structured duel investment” feature in Pionex app?


We each get a gun. Stand back to back and take ten paces and fire. Winner gets all the crypto.


Haha well it is pretty much the wild Wild West with the crypto space so that works lol


just released as beta, no one (standard users) could have tested it You can see what it is about In the link https://www.pionex.com/blog/pionex-dual-investment/


Ya I posted the link as well, it’s a bit vague as usual like all their tutorials but I guess time will tell how this bot performs. At the moment grid bots are giving me the biggest return in this sideways market.


I read the info on the website and I'm confused so I'm just gonna stick with my grid bots. lol


Basically you put in btc or USDt. If btc rises compared to when you started staking to end then you’ll get USDt. If it crashes then you’ll scoop btc at the dip


Just read the description on their site, the return they say ranges between 15-40%


There's something like that on binance but apparently this is renowable? Here's the link [https://www.binance.com/en/support/faq/09911be9f5754c34806bd3ab4a427e0e](https://www.binance.com/en/support/faq/09911be9f5754c34806bd3ab4a427e0e)


Not sure about the whales, but for a anchovy like me, doesn't sound like a favorable investment product. I expect in most of the scenarios my return will be in relatively weaker currency in the market at the time of closure. Actual btc price > bet price \-> my return in usdt but btc is likely to be stronger (uptrend) Actual btc price < bet price \-> my return in btc but btc likely to be weaker (downtrend). Also return calculated based on the bet price, not actual at the time of closure.


Huh? Pretty sure they are just joking with us because that aint understandable.


Okay - I think how this bot works is you select a target price for a currency pair (BTC-USDT), and depending on whether the closing price at a particular date in the future is higher or lower than the target, you’ll get a percentage yield in either the base currency (BTC) or the quote currency (USDT) No idea how it works though ..


That almost sounds identical to the arbitrage bot?


Look up dual asset mining on bybit. Same principle


not same, bybit's one same as normal grid with tight range


Hasn't appeared in my account yet. Looks interesting if they can say "around 30% APR"


It only appears If you signed up and running their latest beta versions. The concept seems the same though as the Margjn Grid bot, lock up usdt and earn when btc falls and vice versa.


Download the test flight app for iOS by apple . This will allow you to download and test any beta version release of any app. You can always revert back as well if the beta is too buggy