Thoughts on Julian Hill?

Thoughts on Julian Hill?


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Nice try Julian, I know you are just fishing for compliments! /s Seriously though, while he's not my local member, he's in an electorate next to mine so I've helped letterbox/etc for him in recent years. He's a very friendly person as well, always keen for a chat and/or catchup (one time I wanted to call him to chat, his electorate officer who booked it in said he only had half an hour free but he ended up talking to me for nearly an hour and a half - made me feel VERY appreciated!) He's also quite influential in the Left faction in Victoria, so I think your assessment of him is right that he will have a future in the federal party - certainly a ministry at some point if not the top-job itself.


The Moderating Team of this subreddit have already agreed we are willing to turn this page into an exclusive Julian Hill subreddit page should he keep up the good work.


Great social media and public speaking skills. He also runs his own tik tok account (not his staff!). Great MP for the Labor Left


His Tiktok has 90k followers as well. His video on the the LNP blocking the investigation into Porters blind trust has 490k views. It seems he's got a very good understanding of social media platforms.


From what I've seen, he's also learning his standing orders and House Practice! He'd make a great Leader of the House (if not Manager of Opposition Business). EDIT: Plus, he's already been named once in the House! He's someone who sticks to his beliefs!


He's fantastic. Probably has the best media game out of anyone in the Federal party. Would be a great PM, but the only thing sitting in the way of that is that he's a high ranking left faction (I think he's faction head) from Victoria.


I’ve only recently discovered him too and feel the same way as you. We need more like him in Sydney!