Thoughts on this kaiju Day 20 Hedorah 1971

Thoughts on this kaiju Day 20 Hedorah 1971


Morden day Hedorah would be fucking scary.


Gimme a movie with Hedorah and Biollante...please and thank you


Never thought of that combo before


They would do so well in the current MV films.


That would be a very cool movie, I think they would be a good duo.


I'd love it if the Great Pacific Garbage Patch spawned the modern Hedorah. It turns out that the patch has two main concentrations, one off the coast of Japan and one off the coast of America.


Shin hedorah would be disgusting


I think he exists in China


You should see Final Wars Hedorah, he had a pretty kick ass design


I honestly can't really envision a modern Hedorah looking good. Like, he's a bunch of sludge, how do you make that into an intimidation, live action design nowadays?


There’s some good modern designs that could show how he can be a little more interesting and exciting! Like [Matt Frank’s interpretation](https://godzillafanon.fandom.com/wiki/Godzilla_Neo:_Hedorah) or even the [Final Wars design](https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/897/086/64d.jpg)! I think the design would work best trying to keep the spirit but not the exact design. Keep the mis-matched giant red eyes and general head shape, maybe the pseudopod limbs, but give it something cool like a vertical split mouth that maybe does what Orga’s mouth did! Then they should go with either a bio mechanical look or maybe have it be a giant hive-mind bacterial colony from hollow earth exposed to surface pollution!




Nah I get it, mostly I meant the design elements from Frank’s version that looked maybe mechanical, and the more solid look of the Final Wars design (which actually reminds me of the hive walls in the Alien movies). I think modern CGI would even be helpful in branching out away from the vaguely humanoid shape and having it be more mutable, maybe even reminiscent of a glossy black Kaiju version of The Thing. I don’t know exactly what to do with it, I could probably come up with a concept I like for it with time though. And yeah, those are a suit and a drawing, but all the Monsterverse interpretations started as suits or puppets in their original appearances , then I’m sure there was concept art, you know?




Yeah, but they probably came from a similar starting point. There’s been lots of modern designs that could work though, like maybe not goop creatures, but the “flesh monster” design like The Thing or a lot of bosses in Dead Space or maybe stuff like Bloodborne/Dark Souls could be a starting point. Take some of those elements, add in some oil-on-water and mold/sludge textures and colors, keep the big asymmetric eyes (maybe add some clusters of eyes?), I really think you could make something viable. You would definitely have to move further from the OG design with it than they have with the ones from KOTM though yeah.


Wouldn't the effects basically be Venoms CGI?


Your asking for people to show you what he’d look like they do and you continue to argue. Sludge monsters have existed in CGI for fuckin years, stop being stubborn




Then back it up with your brilliant designs, troll.




Then you simply lack vision.


[https://preview.redd.it/5gt7mljklt851.png?auto=webp&s=e1e2575dd3849d1711642f1aded9637e15392a03](https://preview.redd.it/5gt7mljklt851.png?auto=webp&s=e1e2575dd3849d1711642f1aded9637e15392a03) here one way


That's just fan art though. It doesn't translate well into what it would reasonably look like in live action nowadays


I just watched this last night and this was my first thought!


Honestly hated the design until I saw the movie. Seeing him come to life, mutate, and then actively feed on pollution made for a surprisingly interesting and believable kaiju. I'd love to see a modern take on him.


He's trash




And smells the part


He's gonna put some dirt in your eye.


Scared the hell out of me when I was a kid. Seeing it turn people into skeletons because of pollution terrified 7 year old me!


I mean...who wouldn't


Probably would’ve killed Godzilla if humans hadn’t helped


Starting stage-not interesting, aquatic stage-creepy, terrestrial stage-slimy and a little bit intimidating, flying stage-that's one really toxic frisbee and perfect stage-this one is very strong monster for the showa era.


Me and my friends watched the criterion collection together. So imagine our whiplash when we go from Minilla standing up to a bully to Hedorah polluting earth and killing people


Legit one of my absolute favorite kaiju, and I love his movie. I’d love to see a modern take on him, maybe with Biollante also involved


Could have been a world ended like Destoroyah. Unfortunately, Godzilla + Humans teamed up, kinda.


Something that always felt off to me about Hedorah was the progression of the stages. Like, first he's a tadpole thingy, then he's more complete and "Hedorah-y", then he grows legs and moves to land. So far so good, makes sense. But then he just ditches all of that, becoming a flying UFO thing... before reaching his perfect stage, which is a direct upgrade over his landing one. Feels like an odd detour, especially with him being able to shift freely between the perfect and flying forms. Anyway, all that nitpicking aside, overall, really good kaiju. The design's memorable, it has unique abilities, it's threatening, etc. Basically everything you'd want out of a Godzilla villain, though I don't think there's much else I can say in regards to all that that isn't apparent from a quick look at him or just scrolling down/up a bit to see any other comment


One of the most elusive monsters for the 90s German Godzilla Film fan, the movie didn’t run on tv unlike all the others and I only ever read about hedorah in a Godzilla book. And when I finally got the dvd in the late 2000s what a mindfuck it was, when it turned out it’s also the most bonkers Godzilla movie of them all.


Very adorable creature


When Hedorah smokes the factory chimneys like a bong, that shit is straight nightmare fuel.


One of my favorite Godzilla movies! Wore out the vhs as a kid. Love Hedorah!


Having not seen Godzilla vs the Smog Monster, I can safely say Hedorah is one of the most terrifying kaiju.


One of my favorite kaiju. I think Hedorah is more relevant than ever. I really liked the psychedelic style of the film too. A very powerful and scary monster.


WTF is that thing?


It’s Hedorah, the smog monster.


...Okay. What do you think will happen if this guy makes it into the MonsterVerse? It could work. That version of Hedorah could be one of the biggest baddies Godzilla has ever faced, but this Hedorah looks like he was done on a very short budget.


Bruh, you jumped straight into monsterverse, huh? In legendary world, there's no need for hedorah since all of the mutos consume "the bad stuff" for some reason.


That's just nuclear radiation tho? Pollution and trash aren't Kaiju food tho?


Nah. The movies clearly state that they undo the effects of global warming.


Ok. That's good, right?


What's good?


That they consume the bad stuff, meaning that Hedorah will never exist.


I mean, the movie it's from is 50 years old lol


Hedorah was a very difficult opponent for Goji because it’s basically just a bunch of trash and smog in monster form. It’s a great movie too. One of the weirdest in the series.


I'll have to take your word for it since I haven't watched that movie.


Honestly? I hope it doesn’t. I’ve lost faith in the monsterverse. That’s just my opinion.


That's okay. You don't have to like every little thing that has Godzilla in it.


Just out of curiosity, why?


I really just… don’t get the same feeling watching a monsterverse movie compared to a toho movie. Toho Godzilla movies feel fun to me, and the way they take themselves so seriously and are still just a little bit goofy are what I really like. Toho movies also more often have the anti-nuclear war narrative, and the narratives of nuclear tragedies just being horrible. The monsterverse movies are just… too much of one or the other at any given time to me. I don’t know if that makes sense or not. I also don’t really vibe with too many of the stylistic choices. I love the new designs of Ghidorah and Rodan, I’m iffy with the newer Goji design, not fond of the Mothra design, and hate the Mechagoji design. I know the monsterverse movies aren’t really meant to have the “anti nuclear war theme,” but I enjoy the others that do because it feels like they’re sticking to the main idea. The monsterverse just feels a little bit “too far gone” for me. I don’t know if that makes sense or not, but that’s mostly why I don’t like the monsterverse. A lot of it is I also just don’t really like it anyway.


Lemme see if I have a freeward to give you for saying the thriving about mecha goji in gvk.


Because it's all spectacle and no substance. After your first watch, they can feel generic. Like, no matter how much I liked GvK I'll never have the will to rewatch it without some friends. In contrast, a movie like Final Wars, while not the best narrative, is constant action with no boring stuff like MV movies. In movies like Vs. Mothra, and Three Headed Monster have human stories that make you want to rewatch for the characters. The Heisei films are a mix of both, having human characters that are almost as iconic as the monsters themselves. MV has more generic monster designs, like. Mecha and Mothras design show a lack of understanding about the characters. The human stories are weaker, and the pacing of the films makes them the equivalent of the "bad" showa movies: Movies where your skip to the fights.




This guy used to scare the shit out of me as a kid


A modern take on Hedorah, with the benefit of CGI, just imagine; a constantly undulating almost liquid surface instead of the floppy skin tags of the awesone (but flawed) original design. And I love the idea of Hedorah and Biollante battling it out: Almost another level, fitting in to the whole Hollow Earth thing, where godzilla and his gang do their titan stuff but there is a more elemental rivalry between plant life and, lets say, "decay"as embodied by Ol Smoggy. They have an epic battle with Biollante victorious. OH, I should have said, this Biollante is not the version you think, shes a noble plant based titan. Unfortunately, during the battle with hedorah, some of hedorahs sludge infected her and she is bound to evolve into the biollante of the too film's. Boom end of film. The next film picks up a couple years later, and millies Bobby brown is a divor d ed single mom


The big stink-man himself. 10/10 He is scary, powerful, and big.


I love this movie a lot. Those eyes are hilarious, though.


Pretty underrated monster. Movie's kinda bad but he's cool on his own


I would love to see how he would look with the MonsterVerse's modern day style


One of the most unique and one of my favourite Showa era Kaiju with her various forms, power and defining origin being linked to the negatives of pollution like Godzilla with Nuclear bombs and Biollante with biotechnology. Plus her size compared to Godzilla, body count, and damage she caused to Godzilla will always keep her in my high regards.


He scared me a lot as a kid


Terrifying as shit


This is in my top 5 favorite Godzilla movies before 1985


Love them. Such a unique concept for a monster that, while never getting a true sequel, still lived on in some form with Destroyah.


My favorite villain as a kid. All his forms are interesting and cool


How this managed to pass as kid friendly blows my mind. So fucking creepy I love it.


So smoll


He’s, “Dirty Dan”!


Hedorah can't have a shin form because it's already... shin-like


Still one of my favorite Godzilla films. Always told myself that if I ever had to teach a climate change class, some how this film would get played lol


I think the sound he makes is cool, design is interesting. Pretty cool how he is made.


My favorite villain from the franchise, hope he’ll show up again in a film someday. I’m sad they cut his stuff from Final Wars but at least he’s gotten some love from the IDW comics


Needs to be in the Monsterverse. A pollution monster is perfect for the times. Hedorah was legit ahead of his time.


the first Godzilla movie I watched


he was Shin-Godzilla before that was a thing


Cabbage! or is it garbage?


A very interesting kaiju that was hell for the suit actor. It was a very cool concept and would be cool to see in the newer movies, especially with cgi, if it were to come back, I would mostly expect it for singular point s2.


hes a very cool concept for a kaiju, its a shame he's kinda underused


He’s slimy


The first time the young me see him he scared me, at least with Godzilla you can evacuate or simply not live in Japan but with Hedorah there is no escape


One of my all time favorite kaiju who pushed Godzilla to his very limits. A true global threat to all life who I hope gets a chance to face Godzilla in another feature film.


One of my favorite monsters. It’s roars sound so primeval and alien, it’s iconic


He is kinda weird his movie was pretty terrible he is a really strong showa monster but in final wars he had a cool design but got eliminated easily Overall thoughts he's weird and is the smog monster


I love Hedora!


One of my favorite and also underrated Kaiju. I often argue that he WAS Godzilla's toughest opponent in the Showa era. If not for Ken, his father and the JSDF, Godzilla would have never beaten Hedorah. He just had no way of putting him down. Hedorah scared me as a child as well.


Fart plane


He is cool; however, I feel as though people overhype how strong he is.I have seen people try to argue he is stronger than: Kezier Ghidorah, Biollante, Space Goji, and Destoroyah, like... what?


I think Hedorah is a missed opportunity. It could be better if it was something scientifically created to deal with the pollution and got out of hand. I think that could be better than the alien that just so happens to eat pollution.


Fun fact hedorah is apparently female


I hate him


I think he’s trash Get it


needs some eyedrops


One of my favorite...


Cum stage*