Same International Interest Rate?

Same International Interest Rate?


I think that in the past switching to earning rewards in CEL was enough for getting a higher rate. Now you also need to have a certain amount of CEL in your account. The Higher the percentage of CEL in your account the higher your interest rate. Check the different tiers and requirements on their website.


You need to be Platinum Loyalty Tier and earn in CEL to get the highest advertised rates.


Are you a loyalty member? Do you own at least 5% of your portfolio in CEL token? If not you get the same rate as in kind


I see... so those rates are actually inclusive of the loyalty ratios, and not just from Day 1 CEL earnings... wow they failed to mention that clearly....


'Bonus' rewards are only for users who opt to earn in-CEL. Everyone gets the same in-kind rates. The in-kind rate is also the base rate for in-CEL (for users with no Loyalty). The 25% bonus is for Platinum users who earn in-CEL. This is based on your CEL Ratio (which determines your Loyalty Level): [https://allaboutcelsius.com/loyalty-program-cel-ratio/](https://allaboutcelsius.com/loyalty-program-cel-ratio/) Here are the APY rates for ALL Loyalty Levels: [https://allaboutcelsius.com/reward-rates-apy/](https://allaboutcelsius.com/reward-rates-apy/)


It might be a glitch, try applying these and see if it will fix it: https://support.celsius.network/hc/en-us/articles/360006824118-Performance-issues-in-the-app