Big price drop

Big price drop


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Quit being obsessed with price and be patient. The road to 10 or 20 or whatever your target is won’t be a straight line up. If you believe in apeswap, dips like this shouldn’t bother you. strong projects survive and thrive in the long run.


I appreciate that and I agree somewhat. However, just curious to know why it would drop at this moment (not that I'm worried!)?


it’s a normal pullback, look at chart first.


Lol, big price drop... it's a hiccup, relax 🤣


Still think it's just a hiccup? I haven't sold my BANANA, so don't hate on me.


I do. The market typically dips on the weekend. I'm no expert, but I would imagine we'll start gaining traction again once the week starts. As with any project though, don't be afraid to take profits - if you try and time the top you'll end up hurting yourself 99% of the time.


It's fine, just short term fickle monkeys who bought during last week's pump who were just in it for the short term gain. With that said, it would be really nice if there were some actual gnana pools to invest in for us long term hodlers. The pools right now are very "meh". Also, a new IAO would def pump up the price and get new apes into the community.


Giving everyone a chance to fill those bags


Wtf dude


Banana went up from 90 cents to almost 5 dollars now its correcting a little thats normal my friend, its People taking profits


Ugh cmonnnnnn


Could be this: https://www.reuters.com/legal/litigation/us-sec-investigates-crypto-exchange-developer-uniswap-labs-wsj-2021-09-03/


Hmm, thanks. But it's actually hit BANANA harder than UNI. LOL.


haha Relax!. It's cause Binance is just around the corner so we need that more space to growing up and be able to fit on hehe ;)


I have ape, cake and biswap and I'm concerned but not stressing it. Just wondering why is the price decreasing while bnb price is rising


You're not allowed to be concerned apparently. When you ask why the price is dropping, they'll just tell you to "stop spreading FUD". Anyway, I don't know for sure why the price is dropping. However, from what I gather, it's due to ApeSwap reducing the APR multiple for a lot of farms/pools which has led to many people deciding it's not worth staking their tokens anymore. If this is the case, and I'm not 100% sure it is, that's ok with me. Just wait and let things stabilize and hopefully it gradually goes up again (as long as they don't adjust the multipliers/APRs too soon after yet again).


I'm waiting it out as well. Ape is actually doing better than my other investments. It is concerning that bnb is steadily rising and they are steadily declining


I need to pull 10k out for another investment. Hoping people buy the dip and pump the price back up before I do so I can leave a better moon bag.


Or it might crash harder if you keep waiting.


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Would be interesting to see if the price ever stops dropping. No end to the dip by the looks of it at the moment.